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Davao ‘Faith Tourism’ Seeks To Attract Young Generation


Davao ‘Faith Tourism’ Seeks To Attract Young Generation


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A “faith destination” opened to the public in Barangay Marahan, Marilog District here on Maundy Thursday, aiming to attract the younger generation.

The Majestic Peak at Sitio San Miguel, a 2.8-hectare land converted into a haven for devotion, features the Stations of the Cross, 14 stops of prayers and reflections from the condemnation to death of Jesus Christ until His burial.

In an interview with the Philippine News Agency (PNA), the owner, who refused to be identified, said the youth is so engrossed with technology that she feels a need to reintroduce the value of devotion.

“We strongly encourage the younger generations to come since they are capable of climbing more than 500 steps. But we don’t discourage the older ones to come,” she added.

Each visitor will pay PHP50 as entrance fee. All proceeds will be donated to fund for the ongoing construction of the nearby San Miguel Parish.

“God is very majestic. There are no words to describe Him. This [place] is something where they could relax. If you would go up and see the cross, it would give you a feeling of happiness and you will appreciate the effort of coming up,” she said.

The Stations of the Cross, also known as Via Crucis or Way of the Cross, recall the events during Jesus Christ’s final days on Earth.

The devotion is most common during Lent. (PNA)