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Beyond the City Lights: 5 Serene Stargazing Spots to Visit in the Philippines


Beyond the City Lights: 5 Serene Stargazing Spots to Visit in the Philippines


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Stargazing actually brings a certain feeling of comfort and astonishment to a lot of people, as they become very enticed by the night sky’s natural beauty that they do not usually see during the day.

In case you didn’t know, the Philippines has so much to offer for all the star seekers out there. And here are some of the best stargazing spots in the country that will give you a better and closer encounter with the stars.

1. Big Handy’s Grounds

Big Handy’s Grounds in Rizal is a popular venue for public stargazing events that are hosted by the Philippine Astronomical Society.

They usually facilitate some deep sky observation marathons that you can join in, which give you an unforgettable experience of witnessing shooting stars, starry night skies, and a majestic glimpse of the milky way.

If you want to experience sleeping inside a tent while seemingly embracing the stars between your arms, you certainly have to visit this spot.

Just take note that you need to inquire with them first before going to the venue, as they strictly implemented the “no walk-in policy” to protect the environment.

2. Mount Pulag

Truly one of the dreamiest and most desired destinations for stargazing in the Philippines, Mount Pulag offers cool weather, a picturesque view, and an out-of-this-world stargazing experience for all the star seekers out there.

If you are also a hiking enthusiast, let it be known to you that Mount Pulag not only gives you a great and challenging hiking adventure but also rewards climbers with the most breathtaking scenes of the night sky.

You can also set up a tent after reaching the top and just sit down while embracing the view of the universe right before your eyes.

Located in Benguet, camping on Mount Pulag is definitely a memorable experience because there are great chances of spotting the milky way, having billions of stars watch you, and being greeted with amazing sunrises in the morning.

3. Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island in Leyte is mostly famous for its crystalline waters, stunning sandbars, and powdery white sand, but not everyone is aware that this island also offers a great stargazing experience to their guests.

As you wait for the night to come, you can simply enjoy the cold breeze while sitting down on the sand floor and looking up at the sea of stars.

Some guests who visited the island have spotted the milky way while stargazing. Hence, they highly recommend staying on the island for camping to get a full experience of the night sky’s splendor.

4. UP NISMED Observatory

Located in Quezon City, the University of the Philippines’ National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development (NISMED) Observatory houses one of the country’s most powerful and modern telescopes.

If you are a student who aspires to pursue astronomy, you must certainly start applying for NISMED’s stargazing activities.

The observatory offers stargazing sessions and visits where one has the opportunity to view the night sky using a telescope.

By using this telescope, participants of the sessions would be able to view the craters of the moon, the planet Jupiter and its moons, the beautiful rings of the planet Saturn, and many more.

Professionals are also present at the venue to offer lectures about the Earth, the universe, constellations, comets, and other space science topics.

5. Seven Suites Hotel Observatory

You might be asking yourself: is it a hotel or an observatory? Well, it’s both!

Best known as the only hotel observatory in the Philippines, Seven Suites proudly offers its guests the fourth-largest telescope in the country.

The management aims to give everyone a memorable experience of their service by allowing them to enjoy stargazing.

It is indeed a dreamy experience to have a closer look at the beautiful night sky after a nice candlelit dinner on its spacious and charming rooftop.

It is also a bonus that the hotel is resting along the hillside route of Sumulong Highway in Antipolo City, which gives you a marvelous view of Manila at night.

Stargazing is actually a bit hard to do, especially with all the artificial lights and smog that envelop the skies at night.

But if you’re looking for something new and fun to do, you are always welcome to try appreciating the beauty of the night sky with these stargazing spots.

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