Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Young Cocoa’s new song “Fadeaway” recounts a narrative of two cities


Young Cocoa’s new song “Fadeaway” recounts a narrative of two cities

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In a crossover single brimming with beautiful sounds and refined melodies, Filipino hip-hop singer Young Cocoa conveys enormous love and gratitude to the two countries he considers home.

His new track “Fadeaway” is a love letter to two culturally dissimilar yet lively towns that shaped his upbringing and sense of self throughout the years.

Young Cocoa explains, “Fadeaway is about celebrating my two homes, Jakarta and Manila. I wanted to try and integrate my experiences into the song and translate it into a message where I take pride in owning both places that I truly call home.”


Produced by his go-to collaborator and friend Trizzy, “Fadeaway” shines with unmistakable presence on first listens. Credit goes to Trizzy for allowing YC’s youthful, nostalgic lyrics to soar over catchy, sinuous beats and genre-hopping production in a seamless manner. Both Young Cocoa and Trizzy bring star power, subtlety, and quality to a surefire bop that runs perfectly with the narrative’s “conscious effort of expression and the passion of being young and yet wanting to be remembered by everyone.”

“I think in general we wanted to keep it lighthearted and laidback, in tune with most of my music,” shares the young trailblazer. “A lot of this track is carried by the production and melodies introduced into the song, as well as the work Trizzy put in to try to tailor the beat to certain dynamics of the lyrics I wrote.”

According to Young Cocoa, “Fadeaway” embodies the central theme of his upcoming new EP, Sari Sari, to be released soon under OFFMUTE. He also takes pride in how the song proved to be a testament to his growth as an artist and a budding producer trying to understand the jargon behind the process. Thankfully, he has Trizzy to back him up in setting up his music journey.

“I always have a great time working with a young mind like his, and we have great chemistry with each other,” Young Cocoa adds. “In general, we both push each other out of our comfort zones to try and get the best out of our work, and I think that’s awesome.”

Young Cocoa’s “Fadeaway” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via OFFMUTE and Sony Music Entertainment.