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Have That Durable Phone That Still Fits Your Budget With The HONOR X9b 5G


Have That Durable Phone That Still Fits Your Budget With The HONOR X9b 5G


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Gathering special features in just a single smartphone, HONOR Philippines is set to release another stylish and durable phone that is still budget-friendly with its HONOR X9b 5G.

Starting with its high-end watch design, the HONOR X9b 5G will be a must-buy for individuals as it delivers a compact smartphone to users with its perfect size that is made for an ideal phone-holding experience.

Other than its goal to present a handy phone for users, the smartphone is also perfect for daily mobile consumption with its HONOR Ultra-Bounce Anti-Drop display catering to a 1,500 retinal resolution and 5-fold eye protection to ensure your eye health even when using your phone for a whole day.

Moreover, the phone was verified under the SGS 5-star whole-device drop resistance certification to endure accidental falls of the device, making it a durable smartphone.

When it comes to its performance, the HONOR X9b 5G should not be belittled considering its price, as it delivers powerful performance to its users by having a 4nm Snapdragon chipset that is perfect for mobile gaming, giving it a smooth display for those who like to play games.

As far as gaming and surfing are concerned, the HONOR X9b 5G also has a high-end battery, perfect for the everyday use of its consumers, as it has 5800 mAh, which can be reverted to at least three days of battery life.

To sustain its battery life, HONOR has mentioned through this smartphone that it will have a three-year anti-aging guarantee in compliance with its powerful battery for users.

Noting that camera features are very relevant for most smartphone users, the HONOR X9b 5G will exceed your photo expectations with its lossless capture camera that is composed of a 108 MP main camera, motion capture, and over 3x lossless zoom that is perfect for travel photos and capturing other memories.

Following the trend on smartphones, the HONOR X9b 5G will also cater to exciting features such as easy unlocking of the device with its face recognition, which could determine the user even with a face mask on, and ‘Magic Text’, which can help a user determine words with just a tap.

The HONOR X9b 5G will soon be available on the market and can be bought in different classy colors, such as Sunrise Orange, Midnight Black, Emerald Green, and Titanium Silver.

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