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Where Do I Go From Here? Career Mapping Amidst The Uncertain Time Of Pandemic


Where Do I Go From Here? Career Mapping Amidst The Uncertain Time Of Pandemic


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The Covid-19 pandemic started as what many believed was a short break but an unexpected twist and turns occurred that left many of us wondering what might be the outbreak’s long-lasting toll on the way we live and work. Taking its hit that disrupts our routines and jolts out our plans, this pandemic leads us to the bigger uncertainty of what our future career will look like amidst the pandemic.

Facing the changes and hit, some works shifted to a work-from-home setting, students took the classes to digital learning, some sales of industries skyrocketed, others experienced an unfortunate huge slump, while many non-essential establishments were forced to close.

Not surprisingly, the pandemic has resulted in a serious impact on the lives of many, especially those who are about to take their chosen career path but later got halted because of the Covid-19. Job seekers have taken a back seat due to the limited job opportunities as the pandemic era is constantly affecting companies. That said, while the pandemic has led many to ponder the changes and concerns over career opportunities, it’s no wonder then, why people started being skeptical of what career would they go after now when some of their initial career plans are likely to get altered.

While we had to put our career aspirations on the back burner, then, where do we go now from here? How would career plotting work when we were still under the guidelines and risks of the Covid-19 pandemic?


Take the pause but keep your options open

Talking about career plotting, it is important to first be educated that “a pause is never a stop” when it comes to finding the right career for you. You might have noticed that the pre-pandemic careers you previously considered– especially opportunities you thought you’ll grow more– have likely been canceled, there are remaining chances now that the opportunities are slowly going upfront to career seekers. Plot your plans whether seeking the related career that once got paused, or experience different ones that will still help you develop skills that would be helpful for you in the long run.


Reinvent your timeline for possible changes

It works for everyone, and it surely will work for you too. During this time when most things become unclear and unsettling, always consider reinventing your timeline for possible changes and even mishaps that occur in every career plotting stage. The overwhelming lesson here was out of all the frustration brought by the stalling and slowing opportunities that hinders you to accomplish your self-created career timeline, professional career development always undergoes changes in timelines. But the key to making it work out of the curtailed chances you’ve missed because of the pandemic is to redo or to reinvent your timeline and be ready for all the changes that might come after you.


Carry your transferable skills in wherever your plotted career is

While careers in this era work almost everything digitally, career plotting wasn’t entirely about the technical skills you must possess to land your dream job.

Developing a broad range of skills to easily land a job in this time of pandemic is a must especially when most people are likely in a hurry to get employed. However, you must also learn that while skills and abilities might have the help you to secure the career you wanted, one must also carry the transferable skills that are helpful and relevant across different areas of life: professionally and socially. Hence, while you possibly will get that career you’ve long been dreaming of, never forget to carry with you your “portable skills” while you continue your career mapping.

Over the past years, we have been hearing to prepare for the “new normal” —to home, public places, learning facilities, workplaces, —but when will this end is still unclear. We have been setting aside many things and one of those major setbacks in our career aspirations because of the risks and effects brought by the pandemic. With no end in sight and with career relations that are likely long-term changes, career plans remain critical and unsure given the current status of the environment.

The robust employment scene has changed while we don’t know what the future holds for our career amidst the pandemic. Similarly, our skillset may experience fall and struggle to find the best place to work them out, nevertheless, we should be reminded that although we are currently living in turbulent times, there are methods like career mapping where we can put up in a spot where we’ll be ensured to not hit the “dead end” of our career amidst this challenging time of the pandemic.

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