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Unveiling Comedy Island Philippines: A Laughter-Filled Adventure

Unveiling Comedy Island Philippines: A Laughter-Filled Adventure

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A sparkling moment transpired as the vibrant cast of Tawa-tawa Island, featuring Drew Arellano, Carlo Aquino, Andrea Brillantes, Cai Cortez, and Justine Luzares, joined forces with industry luminaries Quark Henares, Head of Originals at Prime Video Philippines, Tanya Yuson, Entertainment Producer, and Director Randolph Longjas. This engaging encounter occurred during an exclusive press conference, hosted for the upcoming comedy sensation “Comedy Island Philippines.” The venue was none other than the Teatrino at Greenhills’ Promenade Mall.

Regrettably, Rufa Mae Quinto, Jerald Napoles, and Awra Briguela couldn’t grace the occasion due to their pre-existing commitments.

“Comedy Island Philippines” stands as a masterful blend of scripted wit and impromptu humor. At the heart of the press conference, the ensemble commenced with introductions coupled with memorable quotes. In a candid exchange, they unveiled their personal obstacles, insights, and unforgettable moments during the exhilarating one-month shoot in Thailand.

Drew Arellano’s better half, Iya Villania, graced the occasion with their adorable kids and added a heartwarming touch to the event.

Diving into the Q&A session, here are a couple of the captivating highlights:

What was your initial reaction when you learned about this unique series that’s both scripted and unscripted?

As a known host for “Biyahe ni drew”, did you form your character from this experience?

Which cast member you were impressed with in terms of their impromptu skills?

Justine Luzares shares the adjustment from doing a skit from Tiktok to doing a series with Prime?

Carlo Aquino revealed challenges that encountered upon shooting of Comedy Island Philippines

Andrea Brillantes shares the learning in the Comedy Island Philippines

Andrea Brillantes compares the differences of “Drag You and me” and Comedy Island Philippines

Anticipation reaches its zenith as the curtain lifts on August 31, premiering the first three uproarious episodes exclusively on Prime Video. Brace yourselves for a universally appealing series that promises laughter and fun at every turn.

Secure your dose of mirth by downloading and subscribing to Prime Video now. Your laughter-filled adventure awaits!
Written Video and Photos: Joan Mangulabnan
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