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Top 10 Best Reviewed Horror Films on Jungo Pinoy

Top 10 Best Reviewed Horror Films on Jungo Pinoy

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Jungo Pinoy is celebrating Halloween all October long. The newest streaming app in the Philippines hosts the largest Tagalog-dubbed movie library in the world, as well as original films and TV series. The horror genre is one of Jungo Pinoy’s specialties with tons of free movies and other titles accessible with a super-friendly subscription.

There is something for everyone this Halloween season with spooky horror themes ranging from paranormal and zombies to creature features and slasher films.

It can sometimes be hard to find a horror film that meets your standards, especially during Halloween season, which is why we compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Rated Horror Films for you to start watching now!

Based on internet reviews from audiences and critics, we present the Top 10:

  1. Night of the Living Dead: This is a rare gem that many argue created the template for modern zombie films and ushered in the splatter film subgenre paving the way for the slasher classics of the 70s, 80s and beyond. Night of the Living Dead, directed by George A. Romero, is a groundbreaking horror film about a ragtag group of Pennsylvanians who barricade themselves in an old farmhouse to remain safe from a horde of flesh-eating ghouls that are ravaging the East Coast.
  2. Halloween: Halloween is the ultimate seasonal horror movie. It’s the 1978 classic by John Carpenter that launched Jamie Lee Curtis into megastardom as the Scream Queen. And is the film that began it all; the genesis of Michael Myers and the freaky William Shatner mask.
  3. Deep Red: The Hatchet Murders: Deep Red: The Hatchet Murders is a 1975 horror classic from Italian director Dario Argento. When a pianist witnesses the murder of a psychic, he attempts to find the killer, however, he consistently faces new roadblocks as each new source winds up dead. From the maker of Suspiria, enter a world of macabre, suspense and the supernatural!
  4. Afterthought: This lesser-known film from 2007 has a strong fan base that lives on. After Christy Dawson loses her father, she begins having dreams about him. The dreams are innocent enough, until they start to become prophetic and lead to the death of those around her.
  5. Suspiria: The hallucinogenic 1977 film Suspiria is a cult classic by every measure. An American ingenue walks straight into a dark world when she enters a prestigious German ballet academy whose teachers are hiding wickedness in the midst of mysterious murders. This is also directed by the iconic Dario Argento. The 2018 remake, while sufficiently acted and produced, doesn’t compare to the influence and ingenuity of the original that holds an impressive 93% critic score on
  6. The Changeling: Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Peter Medak is The Changeling. The story itself, anchored by strong acting performances, is about a man’s grief after losing his wife and daughter. When he secludes himself in a long-vacant historic mansion, he discovers that a spirit lives in this house with him and needs him to unravel histories of horror and deceit.
  7. Day of the Dead: George Romero is featured again in this 1985 zombie flick Day of the Dead comes in at number seven. As the world is overrun by zombies, a small group of scientists and military personnel dwelling in an underground bunker in Florida must determine whether they should educate, eliminate, or escape the undead horde.
  8. Theater of Blood: The 1973 wacky horror comedy Theater of Blood is next on the list. When a psychotic but gifted Shakespearan actor is denied his due, he turns his vengeance on his critics by reenacting infamous murder scenes from past performances. How dramatic?! Directed by Douglas Hickox, this critically successful film is considered the magnum opus of Vincent Price’s film career.
  9. Unsane: Also known as Tenebrae, this is another classic by famed horror filmmaker Dario Argento. When American author Peter Neal travels to Rome to promote his latest murder-mystery novel, he becomes engulfed in the search for a serial killer who may have been inspired to kill by his novel.
  10. Psycho II: Finally, we have another classic; perhaps one of the more unusual sequels in the horror classic canon. Its predecessor is often referred to as the advent of modern slasher films. Starring Tony Perkins, we have Psycho II. Taking place two decades after trying to live his best life as his mother which led to his killing spree, Norman Bates is released from the asylum and attempts to regain his life and sanity.

That’s our list. Happy screaming, we mean, streaming!

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