Thursday, April 18, 2024

TikTok Creators talk about how to leverage the platform for building healthy habits

TikTok Creators talk about how to leverage the platform for building healthy habits

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Last November 26, TikTok Philippines has completed the first of its virtual discussion series, TikTok Creator Convos. This string of webinars aims to put the spotlight on remarkable local creators featured in two of the biggest content categories on the platform, education and entertainment.

Hello to Healthy Habits, the first event in this exclusive series, focuses on health and wellness, a highly relevant topic around the world today. During the session, invited guests from the media had the opportunity to learn about how to care for one’s physical and mental health, and why this is important.

Two key speakers, who are both well-known TikTok creators and experts in health and wellness, shared their stories at the webinar. First was Chappy Callanta, an internationally-certified fitness and nutrition specialist, who also works as the strength and condition coach for some of the best basketball and volleyball teams in the Philippines. Following Coach Chappy was Alex Dayrit, an advocate of sustainable fitness and self love, who has won an international physique competition, and was crowned Miss Philippines Earth – Fire.




Some insights gained from the talk included the benefits of having a daily exercise routine, the impact of healthy eating and physical fitness on a person’s overall wellness, and why you should consult a professional before starting a new diet or exercise program. An easy-to-follow fitness routine was also shared with the attendees, showing how digital platforms can be used as a tool for improving physical health.

Through the discussion on mental wellness, awareness was raised on the importance of seeking professional help for overcoming a mental health condition. Attendees learned about identifying key factors that may trigger or affect mental health conditions, and how to set boundaries to protect and improve your mental wellbeing. The speaker also enlightened listeners on what can be done to support someone who is suffering from a mental health condition, and what to do if you suspect you might have one yourself.

“We launched in October the hashtag campaign #MentalHealthMovement on TikTok. In just 2 weeks, videos created/ submitted by our users were able to accumulate 26.3M views already. But it doesn’t end there. This has been a timeless advocacy for TikTok. Today’s Creator Convos sustains our mobilizing efforts in support of mental health. We know that raising awareness for this very important topic should be a long-term campaign until we end the stigma and normalize talking about mental health,” said Alexis Soon, Community Operations Manager, TikTok Philippines.

As a platform for self expression that advocates inclusivity, TikTok supports the health and wellbeing of its users by providing a safe environment for learning, creativity and self-expression, and supporting creators who advocate health and wellness. TikTok also ensures that systems and features are in place to help protect the digital wellbeing of everyone on the app.

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