Friday, June 14, 2024

The Bold and Edgy Transformation of Lesha’s Music

The Bold and Edgy Transformation of Lesha’s Music

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She has finally arrived! Yes, Lesha is heading her way to become today’s generation rockstar. And in just a short manner of time, she’ll be able to share with you the latest song that’s about to drop the airwaves and for sure you’ll love it.

But apart of from dropping her soon to be hits, Lesha has already snagged a few career highlights in just a short span of time. And the 26-year-old independent singer slash songwriter slash music producer is very much thrilled and honored for all the breaks that she’s receiving.

For one, she has snagged a spot of having her own billboard in the dreamiest places on earth– New York Times Square! Whew, just imagine seeing a larger-than-life photo splattered on a high-rise NY building. That’s so awesome!

Lesha shared about that episode, “I freaked out the moment I got the news! I always dreamed of having a billboard with my name and face on it but I never imagined it to happen so soon and on such a large scale! It was literally a dream come true to see my face on a large billboard representing The Philippines in the middle of New York Times Square for Spotify Equal.”

Recently, she has received not one but two nominations for The New Hue PH awards giving significance in recognizing and celebrating the creators and visionaries who push the limits of music videos.

Lesha was very ecstatic to be given such recognition. She shares, “I had no expectations when I got nominated so I’m extremely grateful for New Hue PH for recognizing me at their awards this year for Best Female Artist and Best New Artist. Their platform is all about showcasing upcoming artists/DJs and uplifting the OPM scene which gives us all a chance to come together as a community.’

Aside from that, she just hit the first million mark for her pain infused anthem, Ciao Bella song on both Spotify and Tiktok platform recently. Wow, that’s a lot of listeners repeating the song in their playlist, and it isn’t a surprise that a lot would relate to this hymn because of the melodies and lyrics that hits the heart straightforward.

“I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s a huge milestone for me to finally hit my first 1M on a song. I wrote, produced, and filmed the music video of Ciao, Bella in my bedroom during the peak of the pandemic so it’s a cool feeling to see how far I’ve come in my career, and it always reminds me of my humble beginnings,” Lesha revealed.

So many good things coming along her way, Lesha remains optimistic on more progress career wise for the next coming days.

Likewise, Lesha continues to be a game changer. She’s very fortunate to have worked with the best producers and writers in the world. She has learned a lot of new techniques writing wise and they also created a space for Lesha to be extra experimental with the tone of her voice jumping from one genre to another.

With this, Lesha shared some of her exciting experiences when it comes to experimenting music, “I have a couple of favorite sessions but the most memorable one was with LA producer Dela, singer-songwriter KAJO, and James Reid when we wrote “Skin2Skin” (still unreleased but I normally perform this song live cause the crowd goes crazy every single time I play this song!). We were in our home studio in LA, and it was also my first time working with Dela. He came up with some nice sad chords and I told him how I wanted to make a danceable sad pop song. James and Kajo hopped on to help with some melodies and around 3 hours later we finished the song and knew it was an instant hit. It was such a fast song to write, and we were all just on a roll! Dela and his fiancé Krizia recently visited Manila to write more tracks with me and the other Careless artists so we were able to cook up a couple more songs that are part of my upcoming releases this year!”

Expect Lesha to be fiercer when it comes to her musical choices. Comparing how she has presented her music from before and now; Lesha is gearing towards a new approach.

“Personally, I think there’s a big jump from my previous works versus the ones I’m set to release in terms of the writing style and genre. As I’ve been experimenting with the Pop Punk genre, I’ve just naturally gravitated toward it the more I wrote new songs. My dark and edgy side is getting amplified with these new songs!”

See Lesha’s fiercer and more direct style when it comes to handling herself and her music in the next few days to come. For sure, she will surprise you with her upcoming songs set to be launched in the next coming months!

Check out Lesha’s music on Spotify and her other social media platforms– Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok.