Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Teatro Pinas Review : Tipsy Tales’ Lambana


Teatro Pinas Review : Tipsy Tales’ Lambana

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Growing up with different myths and folklores from many regions in the country, I would say that Lambana is something that we should be proud of. Aside from the fact that it is entertaining and has a very creative set designs, and characters, it tells the story of the Filipino folklores along with the moral lessons that every character wanted to share to the audiences. Lambana is an immersive theatre experience that not only allows its audiences to interact with characters but also allows you to dictate on what could happen next depending on how you will respond to the characters in every scene. What I love about each actors was they’re all focused in their characters no matter how odd my response was. They stick with their roles ensuring to deliver the values and the lessons of their character.

The experience of being in Lambana is something that you would want to have more or perhaps revisit it again and again as it promotes an interesting and inclusive environment allowing you to feel that you really belong to the story. After my journey in Lambana I feel like, the time was too short for the whole play, indeed I was really enchanted, literally enchanted. The overall appearance of the characters and the set were all carefully done and made with perfection to complete your Lambana experience. It was nostalgic for me, but this time it feels better as I see the set and characters live.

Kudos to Tipsy Tales for bringing us Lambana! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!

Written : JC Salud