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Teatro Pinas Review : Ballet Manila’ Ibong Adarna 2023

Teatro Pinas Review : Ballet Manila’ Ibong Adarna 2023

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Ballet Manila’s “Ibong Adarna” presents a captivating narrative through the medium of dance. The storyline follows three brothers on a quest to cure their ailing father, and their graceful movements vividly convey their determination.

The youngest sibling, Juan, dances with a unique elegance, symbolizing his inner strength as he resists the enchanting song of the mythical bird, Ibong Adarna. This production offers a delightful sensory experience. The visual elements are striking, the choreography is intricate and emotionally charged, and the music enhances the narrative’s depth.

The play of light and shadow adds an element of mystery, and the costumes look beautiful and facilitate the dancers’ graceful movements. For those who appreciate dance, music, and storytelling, Ballet Manila’s “Ibong Adarna” is a truly enchanting experience.

It transports the audience to a realm where artistic expression reigns supreme. This performance, a harmonious blend of various artistic elements, stands as a genuine masterpiece deserving of applause.

Cast :

Adarna – Abigail Lynn Oliveiro
Prinsipe Juan – Joshua Rey Enciso
Prinsipe Pedro – Junmark Sumaylo
Prinsipe Diego – Romeo Peralta
Reyna Valeriana – Rissa May Camaclang
Haring Fernando- Reparado Marino, Jr.
Albularyo/Ermitanyo – Noah Esplana
Alalay ng Hari – Anselmo Dictado
Reyna Alitaptap – Eva Chatal
Lead Hunter – John Ralp Balagot
Lead Monkey – John Ralp Balagot
Lead Amazona – Rissa May Camaclang /
Stephanie Santiago
Choreography & Libretto – Gerardo Francisco Jr.
Music Composer & Arranger – Diwa de Leon
Scriptwriter – Anjie Blardony Ureta
Written: Tony Yson
Photos: AXL Powerhouse