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Teatro Pinas : Philippine Ballet Theatre Showcases Ethnic Diversity and Mythology with ‘Sarimanok’ Ballet

Teatro Pinas : Philippine Ballet Theatre Showcases Ethnic Diversity and Mythology with ‘Sarimanok’ Ballet

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Philippine Ballet Theatre, with the generous support of Philippine Airlines and the Cultural Center of the Philippines, will showcase the rich ethnic glory and diversity of the Philippines through a fusion of classical ballet, regional dances, and mythology.

The goal of the Philippine Ballet Theatre is to share the captivating tale of Sarimanok, a bird from Filipino Mindanao mythology. This mythical creature, known for its vibrant feathers and enchanting presence, takes center stage in a ballet that transcends time and culture. The ballet tells the love story between a mortal and a moon goddess, revolving around the majestic Sarimanok.

Sarimanok symbolizes hope and abundant blessings, and Philippine Ballet Theatre sees the ballet as a divine gift. Through this performance, they aim to generate interest in our cultural heritage and showcase the talent of our current artists. Sarimanok is the artistic vision of Ronilo Jaynario, the Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer, set to the original music composed by Paulo Zarate, a highly acclaimed composer. Jaynario and Zarate aspire for ballet, like Sarimanok, to become a symbol of hope and an investment in the Filipino people.

Jaynario explained, “Ibalon made a powerful impact on both the audience and the performers. It received excellent reviews and accolades that any dance company would aspire to have. Therefore, our challenge is achieving the same impact level as Sarimanok. Creating such an impact is vital to us as a company”

Inspiration for the ballet comes from the story itself, the dancers’ response to my movement that enhances the process, and the music that moves me in creating the choreography. I am incredibly grateful that Paulo Zarate is composing for PBT’s Sarimanok.”

Jessa Tangalin and Gladys Baybayin will share the role of the mythical Sarimanok. Alternating as the romantic couple of Indarapatra and Moon Goddess will be Matthew Davo and Gabrielle Jaynario and Jimmy Lumba and Joni Galeste.
With Sarimanok being the second Full-length Filipino ballet in a row, PBT hopes to send out a strong message that their commitment to creating a national influence through their art is ablaze.
Sarimanok will be showing at Samsung Performing Arts Theater on July 6 and 7 at the Samsung Performing Arts Theatre. Tickets can be purchased through Ticketworld or reserved now through Philippine Ballet Theatre by emailing or messaging 09688708887.