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Teatro Pinas : Experience Shakespeare’s Othello: A Modern Staging Premiering This October in Makati

Teatro Pinas : Experience Shakespeare’s Othello: A Modern Staging Premiering This October in Makati

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This much awaited new staging of Othello, William Shakespeare’s classic tale of love,  jealousy, and deceit, premieres this October. 

Othello tells the story of a Moorish general who is manipulated by his envious ensign, Iago,  into believing his wife Desdemona is unfaithful, leading to tragic consequences.  

Director of Othello and Artistic Director of C.A.S.T, Nelsito Gomez, adds “Ever since we  made the announcement of Othello, and who would be cast, we’ve been getting messages  from people eagerly awaiting when tickets would go on sale. Well, we hear them. And we  are happy to announce that we are going on sale sooner than we planned. We are ready for  you!” 

Nelsito adds, “I’m over the moon by the fact that people are getting excited for Shakespeare.  But I think much of the excitement comes from the calibre of artists we’ve assembled. And  without being too presumptuous, I think audiences are going to see their favourite theatre  artists in a new light.” 

The play features Tarek El Tayech as Othello, Gab Pangilinan as Desdemona, Maronne  Cruz as Emilia, and Reb Atadero as Iago. Rounding out the cast are Davy Narciso as  Cassio, Rafael Jimenez as Rodrigo, Dippy Arceo as Bianca, and MC Dela Cruz as the Duke  of Venice/Lodovico. 

Completing the creative team are D Cortezano for lighting design, Myke Salomon for sound  design, Sarah Facuri for production design, and Missy Maramara for Intimacy Direction.  

Nelsito shares, “Our goal is to expose the blood and guts of this play written in 1604.  Shakespeare was a contemporary man and wrote for his modern audiences. And the reason  why his plays have never gone out of fashion is because his themes are so human and  universal, they speak to any time period and to any society. So it would be a disservice on  my part not to attack this play from a modern perspective.” 

Othello will run for eight (8) performances only. All performances will be held in The Mirror  Studios, 5th floor, SJG building, 8463 Kalayaan Ave, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila. 

OCTOBER 4 – 7:30PM 

OCTOBER 5 – 7:30PM 

OCTOBER 6 – 3:00PM & 7:30PM 

OCTOBER 11 – 7:30PM 

OCTOBER 12 – 7:30PM 

OCTOBER 13 – 3:00PM & 7:30PM 

This hyper intimate staging allows for an audience of only one hundred (100) a show. This is  a free seating, first come first served event. PHP 1000 PER SEAT. 

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