Friday, June 14, 2024

Teatro Pinas | Ablaze in Artistry: The Philippine Ballet Theatre’s 38th Season Soars with ‘Sarimanok’ and More

Teatro Pinas | Ablaze in Artistry: The Philippine Ballet Theatre’s 38th Season Soars with ‘Sarimanok’ and More

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Dive into the enthralling narrative of The Philippine Ballet Theatre (PBT) as they navigate triumphs and overcome daunting challenges in their illustrious 38th season. Embracing the theme “Ablaze,” the company’s resolute spirit echoes the revolutionary essence instilled by its founders, propelling them to new heights of boldness, bravery, and beauty.

In 2023, PBT celebrated a dramatic emergence from the pandemic, showcasing their unwavering commitment to the industry’s forefront under the visionary leadership of Artistic Director Ronilo Jaynario. The season finale featured a warmly embraced full Filipino ballet, “Ibalon,” an electrifying U.S. tour, and the perennial crowd-pleaser, “The Nutcracker.” As the calendar turns to 2024, the company remains undeterred, eagerly preparing to embark on the next phase of their artistic journey.

Proudly unveiling their vibrant 38th season, PBT introduces the captivating theme, “Ablaze.” The season commences with the debut of “Sarimanok,” a brand-new Filipino ballet ready to soar and unravel the rich tapestry of Filipino culture. “Sarimanok” delves into the realm of culture and myth, portraying the captivating love story between a mortal and a moon goddess embodied by the mythical bird in Filipino Mindanao mythology. This ballet, choreographed by Artistic Director Ronilo Jaynario and set to the enchanting music of Paulo Zarate, is slated to premiere in early July.

The season unfolds further with “Music in Motion,” a mixed bill program featuring neoclassical works by Ronilo Jaynario, accompanied by the melodious compositions of maestro Raul Sunico. This unique blend of familiar Filipino music, brought to life through the exquisite dancing of PBT, promises a spectacle of emotions and diverse movements. Set in a dinner and dance format, this season offering is scheduled for a mesmerizing performance in September.

Closing the season with a flourish, PBT brings back the beloved tradition of “The Nutcracker.” Beyond being a ballet that ushers in the holiday spirit, “The Nutcracker” serves as a powerful advocacy project for PBT, educating young dancers from various schools about the discipline and artistry of ballet, featuring a cast of 100 dancers.

With a renewed passion for their advocacy, PBT is determined to keep their fire burning as they embark on a local tour, including stops in Legaspi, Bicol, and Bacolod. Tour dates are on the rise, reflecting the increasing demand for the company’s captivating performances. The international stage beckons as well, with an eagerly anticipated October tour to select cities in the United States of America.

As accomplishments pile up, PBT remains steadfast in its pursuit of further achievements. The company is excited to engage with a wider range of audiences in 2024, promising an unforgettable experience that blends artistry, culture, and a commitment to ballet excellence. Join PBT on this mesmerizing journey, and witness the magic unfold on stage, sparking a newfound appreciation for the beauty and discipline of ballet.