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Talented Soprano Lizzie Bett Estrada Triumphs at Kathleen Ferrier Society Bursary for Young Singers

Talented Soprano Lizzie Bett Estrada Triumphs at Kathleen Ferrier Society Bursary for Young Singers

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CCP scholar Lizzie Bett Estrada with pianist Zany Denyer

Lizzie Bett Estrada, a rising soprano and Cultural Center of the Philippines scholar, emerged victorious at the renowned Kathleen Ferrier Society Bursary for Young Singers. Competing against participants from esteemed music conservatoires in England, Scotland, and Wales, Estrada claimed the first prize at the event held at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester on October 29.

Currently enrolled in the Music Standard Pathway program at the Royal Academy of Music, Estrada showcased her exceptional musical prowess, guided by formal music education and exposure to diverse musical events. Performing “Ano Kaya Ang Kapalaran” by Francisco Santiago, she stood out among the competition.

Expressing her gratitude in a social media post, Estrada thanked the Royal Academy of Music, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Ayala Foundation, Inc., and other supporters who made her studies in London possible.

The Kathleen Ferrier Society Bursary, established in 1996, is a prestigious competition for vocal students aged 19 to 24 in their second year of study at major music colleges in England, Scotland, and Wales. Named after the celebrated singer Kathleen Ferrier, the competition honors her legacy and provides a platform for emerging talents.

CCP president Michelle Nikki Junia congratulated Lizzie Bett Estrada, emphasizing the CCP’s commitment to supporting Filipino artists’ pursuit of excellence on both local and international stages. Since its inception, the CCP has played a vital role in nurturing the next generation of Filipino artists, providing training, venues, and financial assistance.

Estrada, embodying the ideals of Kathleen Ferrier, trains under Professor Susan Waters at the Royal Academy of Music. A graduate of the Philippine High School for the Arts, she has garnered accolades, including the Outstanding Student Award. Her commitment to musical excellence is evident through her participation in various CCP shows and her wins, such as the first prize in the Junior Voice category at NAMCYA in 2020.

With a rich musical background and performances in London venues, including St. Leonard’s Church Streatham and United Reform Church Caterham, Lizzie Bett Estrada continues to shine in the world of classical music, making significant strides in her promising career.