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Sarah Geronimo : Finding purpose in what you do is also very much important


Sarah Geronimo : Finding purpose in what you do is also very much important

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William Shakespeare once said, “some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ‘em.” This is something that no doubt applies to Sarah Geronimo, the multi-hyphenated star who is inarguably still one of the brightest personalities in the entertainment industry even after almost two decades of being a part of it.

Some would say that Sarah was meant to rule the stage since she was young, but there was a lot of hard work invested in her career as well—something she had shown since childhood. She won the grand prize for the IBC television singing contest Star for a Night at the tender age of 14 and had been unstoppable ever since. Her rise was fast but expected. She broke through the top with new hits and soulful revivals, as well as albums that turned her presence into a form of pop culture on its own.

But while her fast rise is something for the books, there’s something more amazing about her career that makes her story more special than the usual narrative of success. Yes, getting into the industry is one thing, but actually STAYING in it and holding onto your place is another thing, something Sarah had flawlessly done as well. “I think passion is the no.1 key to achieving our goals in life. Keeping the passion fueled with and for the things that bring you happiness, inspiration, and growth is very important,” she shares when asked about her recipe for success. “Finding purpose in what you do is also very much important.”

As a child, it was obvious that Sarah had talent. She actively joined singing contests, and she was also one of the performers during Pope John Paul II’s visit to the Philippines in 1995—at age seven, no less. In the early years of her career, she established herself as a powerhouse singer, but she didn’t stop there. Instead, she pushed her boundaries, always exploring her box until it grew bigger and bigger. From having hit tracks, she then started doing small TV guestings until she finally crossed to lead roles and big-screen projects. Even with her music, Sarah was and is still very much experimental. Labeled as a pop artist for the good half of her career, she then flawlessly crossed to the dance and R&B genre with her later albums.

“In my case, I guess reinvention happened when I started listening to my own mind and body. I went after what really made me feel more passionate as an artist,” she shares.

And just like any great star with a good backstory, Sarah attributes her success as tracing back to her childhood. “My parents were very supportive of my dreams since day 1. They devoted their time to help me achieve our dreams. They were there with me and guided me every step of the way and for that I will forever be grateful. Kasama ko sila buong journey ko sa pagkamit ng aking pangarap [They were there with me throughout my whole journey of achieving my dreams].”

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More than its convenience, however, Gardenia promotes a sense of childhood discovery between parent and child—something Sarah is entirely on-board with.

As a successful star, Sarah attributes a lot of her principles that made her the popstar that she is now, back to her childhood—and that is something she wants other kids to experience as well.
“I just knew ever since I was little what I wanted to do in life. I have always enjoyed and loved good music. I have always been a fan of good films and tv shows. I am very lucky to have the kind of parents who never failed to show me support in helping me achieve my dreams.”

On her advice for kids who have big dreams like her, she has this to say, “Kids should explore their potentials as early as they can. I am in support of self-discovery among kids as this will nurture them and will help them reach their full potential to become who they want to be as they grow up. I believe parents should prepare and empower their kids as early as possible. It is a must!”

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