Wednesday, July 24, 2024

San Holo released his poignantly emotional new single “DON’T LOOK DOWN”

San Holo released his poignantly emotional new single “DON’T LOOK DOWN”

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Acclaimed Dutch producer, artist, and mental health advocate San Holo released his poignantly emotional new single “DON’T LOOK DOWN” via Helix Records on January 27. At once melancholy and uplifting, the track stays true to the artist’s quintessential sound, reaching for epic sonic heights while maintaining an intimate and heartfelt level of songcraft.

After initially starting the track with celebrated producer RL Grime, San Holo collaborated with  Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Lizzy Land, whose credits include co-writes and features on songs with Alesso, Kasbo, Paul Oakenfold, EMBRZ, Jerro, and more. Land says of the songwriting process:  “I heard the main melody for “DON’T LOOK DOWN” almost instantly as the track played for the first time. Like gentle bells ringing in my ears. I found it relatable to the way I often feel when I’m overwhelmed or looking for a boost.  I hope it inspires people to believe in better days, a higher mindset, and the idea that they can get through anything.”

Always keeping busy with next-level projects, San Holo has recently sold out an NFT collection for his last single “All The Highs”, played a pop-up show in an elevator in partnership with taste-making curators Brownies & Lemonade, collaborated with the world-famous Dutch art museum Mauritsuis on a sonic interpretation of a work of art, created special mixes for the popular mental health app Calm and had one of his songs selected for FIFA 2023’s official soundtrack.

To celebrate the release of “DON’T LOOK DOWN”, San Holo will be featured on BBC Radio 1’s Annie Nightingale Quest Mix on Tuesday, January 24. Also, in addition to streaming platforms, “DON’T LOOK DOWN” was available as a limited 24 hour NFT drop at 1 PM PT on release day as well. After connecting their Eth wallet, users will have the opportunity to purchase a NFT of the track. Always exploring the cutting edge of Web3 technology, San Holo’s  NFT release for his last single “All The Highs” sold out quickly.

For San Holo, everything is personal. Every note is a story and each lyric a memory, a hyper-real exploration of purpose, emotion, and shared experience. The Dutch producer lives in his own space, crafting a world of beauty and sentiment between the build-and-drop bombast of post-EDM and the intimate musings of ambient post-rock. Having produced EDM (existential dance music) since Soundcloud’s golden era, San’s unique style and honest approach to songwriting have earned him a loyal following that supported his independent debut album and cemented the artist as a star in a league all his own – earning the praise of critics and peers across a multitude of genres. While other artists in the dance music sphere and industry at large may shy away from the rawer aspects of the human experience, San Holo has established himself both as an individual and a brand that encourages listeners to embrace one another’s vulnerabilities.