Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Prime Video releases Maxton Hall – The World Between Us Official Trailer

Prime Video releases Maxton Hall – The World Between Us Official Trailer

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Welcome to Maxton Hall private school! Prime Video releases the official trailer and takes viewers into the world of Ruby (Harriet Herbig-Matten) and James (Damian Hardung) in Maxton Hall – The World Between Us.


The German Original Series is based on the award-winning, bestselling novel Save Me by author Mona Kasten. Produced by UFA Fiction, the series tells the modern love story between James Beaufort and Ruby Bell, an upper-class boy and a working-class girl in a world of glamour, prestige, secret and drama.

All six episodes are exclusively available on Prime Video in over 240 countries and territories worldwide from May 9.


About Maxton Hall – The World Between Us

When Ruby unwittingly witnesses an explosive secret at Maxton Hall private school, the arrogant millionaire heir James Beaufort has to deal with the quick-witted scholarship student for better or worse. From that point on, the handsome student tries to buy Ruby’s silence. And although the two come from different worlds, they will soon risk everything to be together…

Maxton Hall – The World Between Us was directed by Martin Schreier (Dreamfactory) and Tarek Roehlinger (A State of Emergency). Markus Brunnemann is the producer together with Valentin Debler. Ceylan Yildrim is executive producer, Daphne Ferraro is head author.


The leading roles are played by Harriet Herbig-Matten (Bibi & Tina: Einfach Anders) as Ruby and Damian Hardung (How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)) as James. Other roles include Sonja Weißer (Tatort) as Lydia, Ben Felipe (Pagan Peak) as Cyril, Fedja van Huêt (Speak no Evil) as Mortimer, Runa Greiner (Suck Me Shakespeer) as Ember, Justus Riesner (Loving Her) as Alistair EllingtonClelia Sarto (Herzstolpern) als Cordelia Beaufort, Andrea Guo (Der Schwarm) als Lin Wang und Eidin Jalali (Der Schwarm) als Graham Sutton.