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Pinoy Players Claim Second Spot In Pokemon Championship


Pinoy Players Claim Second Spot In Pokemon Championship


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The Philippine team literally “catch ‘em all,” as Filipino gamers ranked second during the recently held Pokémon Unite World Championship.

Filipino gamer group OMO Abyssinian bagged the silver medal during the Pokémon championship in Japan that was held on August 12.

Consisting of five members, namely Jose Liban, Luis Felizarte, Michael Ocio, Joshua de Leon, and Joe Maghanoy, they were also able to bring home a cash prize of $75,000.

Named the second-best team compared to the 28 teams that competed during the said worldwide event, OMO Abyssinian shared how they prepared before the competition.

“We’ve been practicing and, of course, honing our skills and facing other teams here in the scrimmages. Overall, our synergy right now is looking pretty good,” Jose Liban, or Jrabsnt, said.

Despite the pressure of participating in a huge competition, the group stated that they tried their best during the competition as they also wanted to make a name for themselves in the said e-sport.

With this, they expressed their gratitude to their supporters, coach, and family members for giving them hope to ace the competition and work beyond the pressure that they felt.

“Your unwavering support is what brought us here! We may not have become champions, but people like you who supported our journey are the reason we feel like champions!” the group said on their Facebook post.

Along with the Pinoy group OMO Abyssinian were the team of Oyasumi Makuro, who got third place, and Luminosity Gaming, who claimed the championship title.

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