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P-Pop takes the stage as Ant Savvy Creatives and Entertainment Inc. produce the first Tugatog Filipino Music Festival

P-Pop takes the stage as Ant Savvy Creatives and Entertainment Inc. produce the first Tugatog Filipino Music Festival

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P-Pop takes the stage as Ant Savvy Creatives and Entertainment Inc. produce the first Tugatog Filipino Music Festival happening this June 18, 2022. Get to see all your favorite P-pop groups in one stage featuring Alamat, BGYO, Bini, Litz, MNL48, PPop Generation, Press Hit Play, VXON, 1st One and many more. Catch a whole array of fresh takes on your favorite songs plus special artist collaborations within the line-up.

The event will be streamed online via TicketMelon. Tickets will be available beginning March 1, 2022. Premier tickets are at Php 1,800.00. Special exclusive content is also in store for VIP ticket holders along with access to the stream priced at Php 2,700.00 per ticket.

Music + Heartbeat + Peak = TUGATOG.

Tugatog was born as a festival that celebrates a rising genre of Pinoy music. It’s a play on the words “tugtog” as “play,” the sound of a beat or heartbeat (tug-tug), and plus “tugatog” that means “peak” or “summit”. Tugtugan sa Tugatog.

Tugatog Filipino Music Festival aims to showcase both rising and prominent artists that define the peak of Filipino music at a given time, and for 2022 the spotlight is on P-Pop. Since music trends change every couple of years, Tugatog will happen as a celebration every time there is a breakthrough in the Pinoy music industry. It’s a place where artists can collaborate and celebrate this decade’s music.

“So, it’s not a one time thing?”

You got that right. We’ll see you again after 2022.

Music Festivals in the Digital Age Over the years, the music and live events industry has evolved. During this transition, artists have innovated new ways of performing and engaging with our audiences from many parts of the world. With the chance of creating an online cinematic experience for audiences with its artists, Tugatog also provides an avenue for artists to get together and explore further possibilities in the genre.

“Eh, pwede naman ‘yan i-playlist lang, why spend for a concert pa?”

While a playlist lets the audience customize tracks to play, a playlist is still different from watching a festival where all your P-pop artists unite and collaborate. The festival serves audience members not only their favorite acts, but also other artists and songs similar to those they love. Each performance is tailored by the artist specifically for the festival with variations that fans can watch out for. By engaging with the fans, Tugatog created a special line-up of artist collaborations in order to fuel the drive for artist interaction. The festival will feature special acts of artists performing songs together which have never been released before.

Think of it as an online P-pop party. It’s not just about celebrating each artist but also celebrating our identity in music as Filipinos. Hence, the collaborations where we lift each other up and rise to the top of the global music industry.

Take Part in the Tugatog Filipino Music Festival 2022

The Tugatog Filipino Music Festival will be streaming online in June 2022 via TicketMelon. TicketMelon is an online streaming website where viewers can purchase their tickets and watch the stream. TicketMelon also has a live chat feature where viewers can engage and interact with each other while the stream is ongoing.

There are two (2) types of tickets that audiences can buy. These are VIP tickets at P2,700 and Premier tickets at P1,800. Tickets may include access to special content. More details on these tickets will be revealed at the launching of ticket sales on March 1, 2022. There will also be ticket promos following the launch of ticket sales on March 1.

Tugatog merchandise, in the form of t-shirts, bags, notebooks and more,will also be available. These can also be purchased through TicketMelon.

Through exclusive content, merchandise, and special collaborations, Tugatog wants fans to have a unique Festival experience from the comfort and safety of their own homes this June 2022 as this dynamic community of P-Pop artists converge onstage. By following Tugatog’s social media accounts, audiences are in for promos and surprises as we continue the journey patungo sa tuktok.