Thursday, July 18, 2024

Movie Review : Children Of The River | Cinemalaya Entry

Movie Review : Children Of The River | Cinemalaya Entry

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Children of the River is a reminder that we should look at ourselves deep down to our identity. It is about acceptance and letting go. It’s about a tight bonding of friends that almost turned into a family.
Children of the River conveys a strong message or maybe a wake-up call that gender and sexuality is not always going to be equivalent to someone’s morality. It breaks through the old school of thought of stereotyping young gay or lesbian.

Children of the River reflect the reality that everyone could be as kind and loveable as Elias regardless of their gender. It also liberating as it highlights the scene happening in a remote area in the country. It’s not true that media or any form of art affects the sexuality of an individual. It narrates the story in a way that sexuality is being developed by nature and not nurture, something that innate to everyone. Another good thing that, the movie was based on a real-life story.

Review : JC Salud