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Movie Review | Blue Beetle: A Refreshing and Entertaining Superhero Story

Movie Review | Blue Beetle: A Refreshing and Entertaining Superhero Story

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Blue Beetle is a refreshing superhero film that celebrates Mexican-American culture and values. Jaime Reyes, a recent college graduate, gains the powers of the Blue Beetle after bonding with an alien scarab. With the help of his family, Jaime must learn to use his powers to protect his community from Kord Industries, which exploits Mexican-American workers.

Blue Beetle is more than just a fun superhero movie; it’s also a film with something to say about important social issues, such as gentrification and exploitation.

I was particularly drawn to the film’s focus on family and community. Jaime’s family is his rock, and they support him unconditionally, even when he makes a mistake. Despite all the social issues, the film also offers a message of hope and strength, as Jaime and his community can overcome the challenges they face.

Overall, I think Blue Beetle is a great film for anyone who enjoys a refreshing and entertaining superhero story with a message. It’s a film that celebrates culture and values, while also exploring important social issues.

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I encourage everyone to check out Blue Beetle. It’s a great film for the whole family.


Words: Tony Yson

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