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‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ Star Kim Ji Soo Debuts in PH Showbiz, Joins ‘Black Rider’ Cast

‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ Star Kim Ji Soo Debuts in PH Showbiz, Joins ‘Black Rider’ Cast

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South Korean actor Kim Ji Soo is set to make Philippine debut as a cast member of GMA 7’s hit primetime series “Black Rider.” Best known for his memorable and lovable roles in popular K-dramas such as “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” as the 14th Prince, “Strong Girl Bong-soon,” and “My First First Love,” Ji Soo will portray Adrian Park, a half-Filipino, half-Korean professional killer.

A teaser video recently released on social media showcases Kim Ji Soo’s impressive handgun skills in a scene alongside Yassi Pressman’s character, Vanessa Romero. The clip also highlights a dramatic encounter with the show’s antagonists, led by Calvin Magallanes, played by Jon Lucas. The teaser has already generated significant buzz among fans eagerly awaiting his appearance on the show.


Kim Ji Soo’s dedication to his craft is evident as he continues to improve his English and learn Filipino, immersing himself in his character and the local culture as soon as he lands here in the country.


Ji Soo’s acting career in the Philippines is being spearheaded by Kathleen Dy-Go, Managing Director of Universal Records Philippines in partnership with Korean agency SHOW Co. Ltd. led by Geong Seong Han aka Tatang Robin. She expressed her enthusiasm for Ji Soo’s new venture: “With the help of Tatang Robin and his company SHOWwe saw an opportunity for Kim Ji Soo to showcase his skills and reinvent himself here in the Philippines while honing his English. We seized the chance to cast him in GMA’s ‘Black Rider,’ seeing it as the perfect platform for his talents.”

She also added that this collaboration marks a significant step in Ji Soo’s career, expanding his reach to the vibrant and dynamic Philippine entertainment industry. “The Philippines has a vibrant entertainment industry that appreciates diverse talent and fresh narratives, making Kim Ji Soo a great fit,” Dy-Go also shared. “We’re impressed with Ji Soo’s previous work and saw the potential for him to make a significant impact here.”


Old and new fans are in for a treat and should watch out for more projects from Kim Ji Soo in the future.