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Mingay Beach: An Off-The-Grid Getaway


Mingay Beach: An Off-The-Grid Getaway


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Off the beaten path is the majestic cove of Mingay located in the quaint village of San Julian in Sta. Praxedes, Cagayan.

It is described by both locals and visitors as a hidden gem, and unique for being both a recreation and economic place, being located in a fishing village. It is also where the lush forest meets the open sea.

Realizing its great potential for eco-tourism, the local government unit of Sta. Praxedes led by Mayor Esterlina Aguinaldo has recently decided to offer overnight stays for visitors looking for a rest disconnected from modern-day distractions. No electricity, no internet, just a moment of peace with nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

“Mingay is indeed a true gem that can be handed over from generations,” said Aguinaldo as she enjoined everyone to promote responsible travel practices while nurturing the local community and the environment.

Apart from tents, at least three solar-powered teepee houses with basic amenities are available in the area for an overnight stay.

Aguinaldo said the local government also set up picnic tables and tents for rent. Showers, restrooms, and swings are also available.

Pre-booking however is a must with no walk-in accommodations for overnight guests to ensure their safety and security, according to the Santa Praxedes Tourism Facebook page.


How to get there

There are two ways to reach the cove. With the aid of Google map or waze, pin Mingay Beach in Barangay San Julian, known by locals as the “greenest garden of the north”.

From the drop-off point in Sitio Mingay, trek downhill for about 40 minutes.

The cove can also be reached by a 30-to-40-minute boat ride after coordinating with the local tourism office. Boats for hire are available at the Taggat blue lagoon in Claveria, Cagayan.


Plan ahead, discover more

For the safety and convenience of visitors, Villamin Lizardo Jr., a member of the rescue team of Sta. Praxedes, said guests are urged to plan their travel and discover more adventures in Mingay.

“Aside from the Mingay Beach which is divided into small and big cove, there are other beaches such as the Nanaplaan and Kimmansir Beach that visitors may consider visiting,” Lizardo said.

“These are comparable to the beaches of Palawan,” he noted.

Beautiful rock formations and waterfalls are likewise worth the adventure for swimming, diving, and underwater exploration, he added.

“Going to Mingay is an experience of a lifetime. It gives me reasons to love the Philippines even more,” said Aileen Rambaud, a visitor from Pinili, Ilocos Norte who, along with some friends experienced trekking downhill to reach Mingay last weekend. (PNA)