Monday, March 4, 2024

MBNel’s Journey: Unveiling Stockton’s Essence Through ‘8 To Infinity’ Album


MBNel’s Journey: Unveiling Stockton’s Essence Through ‘8 To Infinity’ Album

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Embodied with the raw hunger and relentless hustle of Stockton’s 8th Street, MBNel, a second-generation Filipino-American artist, unfolds his musical odyssey in the late 2023 release, “8 To Infinity.” With nearly 40 music videos amassing over a million views on YouTube, this Muddy Boyz/EMPIRE album is a courageous leap that amplifies MBNel’s melodies, musicality, and vulnerability. Notable tracks like “Tear Drops” and “Restart” showcase his star power, resonating with a global audience alongside featured artists Mozzy, Yung Bleu, and Millyz. From the streets to the studio, MBNel’s journey unfolds as the oldest child of first-generation immigrants, turning his family’s tireless work ethic into a powerful force propelling him from a dead-end street life to a standout in Stockton’s music scene.

Since his 2017 breakthrough, MBNel has proven his lasting impact, with hits like “Feelings” amassing over 35 million streams and “In My City” reaching 10 million views. From Lil Baby’s online acknowledgment to sharing the stage with Ez Mil, MBNel’s influence extends globally, resonating with diverse audiences. Beyond his musical achievements, MBNel’s philanthropic vision for 2024 unfolds, marking his first professional visit to the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific, aiming to connect with fans and inspire the youth. His commitment to his roots remains evident as he plans Stockton business ventures in the coming year. Collaborating with artists like Mozzy, Millyz, and Yung Bleu, MBNel embraces experimentation and artistic evolution, using his gruff voice to redefine possibilities. “8 To Infinity” not only symbolizes MBNel’s journey but also stands as a testament to the boundless opportunities achievable when one dares to dream, turning the “8” on its side to show that true infinity is within reach for those who strive for greatness.