Thursday, July 18, 2024

MBNEL puts the global spotlight on Filipino rap talent with GHOSTS 2 release

MBNEL puts the global spotlight on Filipino rap talent with GHOSTS 2 release

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It seems like there’s really no stopping Filipino-American rap sensation MBNel. With his last single “JUST LIKE YOU” still sizzling hot from his creative oven, he’s come up with yet another masterpiece to put the spotlight on Filipino rap talent with the release of “GHOSTS 2”. The single’s music video was filmed entirely in Malate, Manila, which is proving to be the epicenter of Pinoy Hip-hop. Filipino Hip-hop artists like Shanti Dope, Hellmerry, O Side Mafia, Pricetagg, Fast Cash, and many others came out in full support and made appearances in the “GHOSTS 2” music video—perhaps as a preview of possible future collaborations among Filipino rap talents from all over the world. MBNel himself admits, “I’m planning to work with some of the biggest Filipino rap stars soon”. Asked how he felt in having so many local Pinoy rap artists show up to support his music video shoot, the rapper was very appreciative, saying “It was really dope. Everyone was cool, and they were very welcoming of me.”

“GHOSTS 2” gives us a better glimpse of MBNel’s formidable rapping arsenal, and this latest impressive single from the Fil-American artist is quite frankly hard to describe in words. You’ll just have to listen to it yourself to truly appreciate the creativity, the flair, and the unique flavor that MBNel has put into it. And while we have to censor our words a bit unlike the single’s lyrics, we can say at least this much: The guy is pretty darn good.

Asked what his inspiration was in making “GHOSTS 2”, the ultra-talented rapper was rather very candid about his playful and spontaneous approach in making his music. “My first GHOST song was sampled off an Asian style video game, where I was just rapping all the way through. The GHOSTS 2 beat gave me the same vibe so I decided to off that”, says the artist.

Indeed, he has fully embraced his Asian lineage by infusing his music with lyrics and beats inspired by Asian pop culture. MBNel’s mixed heritage as a Filipino-American gives him a lot more dimension to draw inspiration from, and it adds to the unique vibe of his music. When you first hear him rap, his American accent and background of growing up stateside comes to the surface, and yet he drops plenty of hints of his Filipino and Asian heritage—which he has made abundantly clear he is very proud of. “GHOSTS 2” is his second straight music video that has prominently shown the Philippines, and the artist has publicly professed a deep love and connection for Filipino culture. He stands very proud to be one of us. “I loved coming back to visit the Philippines. My culture is something I’d love to keep learning about”, shares MBNel.

“GHOSTS 2” is out now on all digital streaming platforms.