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Mayonnaise : Akalain Mo Yon Part 2

Mayonnaise : Akalain Mo Yon Part 2

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Due to the success of their recent concert Akalain Mo Yun, which was held last June 29, at the Music Museum – Mayonnaise will held its second concert to give chance to their fans who missed the performance and to those who wanted to watch it again. During the presscon, Monty Macalino shared that their vision was just to bring joy and express gratitude to their fans. They expected that the tickets would be sold out on the day of the concert and there was large number of fans who wasn’t able to see the performance due to the capacity of ten venue.

Mayonnaise is the Filipino alternative rock band behind the iconic songs such as “Jopay”, “Salamin”, “Sabay Tayo” and many more. The band won the Grand Prize at the Red Horse Muziklaban back in 2004 and the band was originally form in 2002. After more than a decade of existence Mayonnaise created an impact in the local Filipino scene as their songs bring back a lot of memories of early 2000. Surely will continue to gain more supporters from the younger generations as they’re about to release timeless and easy listening music.

Despite of being in the industry for a long time, Mayonnaise just wanted to share their talent and their songs to the people and fame doesn’t sink in to their heads. Ever since the band started they’re known to be humble, reason why a lot of fans love them and support them.

For those who missed the performance and wanted to watch it this is your chance! Akalain Mo Yon Part 2, will be held this Saturday, September 7 at the Music Museum together with their special guests and friends. To more and get updated, visit and like their Facebook page at

Written : JC Salud