Wednesday, July 24, 2024

LOIR is now ready to reopen old scars and present an unflinching account of her adolescence on her debut EP, Chapters

LOIR is now ready to reopen old scars and present an unflinching account of her adolescence on her debut EP, Chapters

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After dropping ethereal tunes that capture the struggles of youth in the most genuinely honest way, Filipino recording artist LOIR is now ready to open up old wounds and deliver an unsparing narration of her teenage life in her debut EP, Chapters, via Sony Music Entertainment.

The 7-track EP, which exhibits a knack for confessional songwriting and tender, spacey production, reflects emotional maturity beyond her years. In moments when the soulful newcomer needed some rescuing, she wasn’t afraid to examine her decisions in life with both sides of the coin: never consumed by ego, but instead, looking for answers with a hopeful, open mind.

Chapters represent the ups and downs of my life,” the young singer-songwriter explains. “I’ve learned along the way that sometimes, it’s okay to pause and embrace defeat. But while there’s beauty in acceptance, I’ve always made it a point to celebrate my imperfections and use it as a motivating factor to keep going. Sharing my story is my own way of healing.”

The release of her new EP Chapters is accompanied by the focus track “TAKAS,” featuring Filipino hip-hop icon Gloc-9. “From the beat to the melody, pure devastation is felt at every part, desperately clinging to that hope that might change the heart,” she describes the song. Buoyed by dramatic strings and intricately powerful arrangements, the ethereal track is LOIR’s way of finding escape in a world troubled by uncertainty and not knowing what lies ahead.

Aside from “TAKAS,” the EP shines just as bright with songs that communicate storytelling in particularly nuanced ways.

Her debut record includes “PANAGINIP,” featuring rapper Melrhyme, and “UMAGA,” which are both crossover jams with hit potential. The stripped-down ballad “MAMA” is LOIR at her most vulnerable, asking big questions about life’s purpose and her conflicting sense of direction. And then there’s “PAHIYOM,” which shows just how charismatic LOIR can be as both an interpreter and a storyteller.

Despite its introspective themes, the production always stands out with refreshing ideas, thanks to contributions by urban/R&B collaborators such as Goodson, Havo and Shaq.

LOIR’s new EP, Chapters, is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.