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LionhearTV is gearing up for the 9th RAWR Awards, which will honor excellence in show business

LionhearTV is gearing up for the 9th RAWR Awards, which will honor excellence in show business

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LionhearTV, an entertainment-lifestyle website, just celebrated its 15th anniversary in October and is now preparing for the 9th RAWR Awards. This yearly spectacle exemplifies LionhearTV’s ongoing dedication to recognizing and rewarding brilliance in the ever-changing showbiz business.

The RAWR Awards has morphed into a dazzling spectacle, drawing together not only the robust support of 250 new media practitioners (bloggers) from all corners of the Philippines but also the enthusiastic backing of PR groups and fans ardently supporting their favorite nominees.

The inception of the RAWR Awards traces back to 2015, an era when the blogging community was burgeoning. However, it was evident that there was a conspicuous gap in acknowledging and honoring the voices of bloggers and their ardent readers. To fill this void, LionhearTV conceived the RAWR Awards.

Year after year, the RAWR Awards are presented through the platform, aptly christened after the mighty lion, symbolizing the strength and influence these awardees hold in the entertainment sphere. These accolades are dedicated to individuals who have left an indelible mark on the industry.

In the nascent stages, the awards were exclusively organized by LionhearTV, with victors chosen by the website’s loyal readers. Over time, the voting process extended to encompass more than 100 bloggers from various regions of the Philippines, each representing a diverse niche within the bustling blogging community. Despite the vicissitudes encountered along this journey, the unwavering commitment to this cause remains steadfast, driven by the belief that this represents the collective voice of the blogging community, a voice deserving of recognition and acclaim within the broader entertainment panorama.

The RAWR Awards are divided into four principal categories: Lion, Cub, Pride, and SILOG Awards. The Cub Awards encompass nine subcategories, encompassing distinctions such as Beshie ng Taon, Favorite Bida, Favorite Kontrabida, Breakthrough Artist, Favorite Newbie, Bet na Bet na Teleserye, Song of the Year, Movie of the Year, and Digital Series. The Lion Awards feature nine categories, venerating luminaries including the Actor of the Year, Actress of the Year, Pak na Pak na Comedian, Male News Personality of the Year, Female News Personality of the Year, Love Team of the Year, Favorite Performer of the Year, Favorite TV Host, and Favorite DJ. The Pride Awards, on the other hand, encapsulate four categories, paying homage to entities such as the Radio Station of the Year, TV Station of the Year, Favorite Group, and Fan Club of the Year. Lastly, the SILOG Awards boast an impressive array of 17 categories, celebrating digital influencers and content creators, spanning domains like Art, Content Creation, Cosplay, Couples, Digital Influence, Drag, Fashion/Beauty, Food/Travel, Gaming, Health/Fitness, Influencer Families, LGBTQIA, Parenting, Podcasts, Streaming, Short-Form Vlogging, and Long-Form Vlogging.

The RAWR Awards, with a cumulative count of 31 categories, in conjunction with the SILOG Awards, featuring 17 categories, furnish the Philippine entertainment industry with an illustrious platform for appreciation and commendation.

Fans play a pivotal role in determining the victors, holding 66.66% of the voting authority. This authority is parceled into two equitable segments: 33.33% from online votes via the official website and KTX and another 33.33% from online searches conducted within LionhearTV, Dailypedia, and PH Entertainment. The remaining 33.33% is contributed by the blogging community, PR entities, and brand partners.

The RAWR Awards transcend merely recognizing local talent; they also endeavor to forge stronger alliances with like-minded partners who share the same vision. These awards serve as an opportunity for to extend its heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has fervently backed the website since its inception.

The polls for voting your favored nominees in their respective categories are now live and accessible through LionhearTV’s RAWR Awards website. Voting will continue until December 4, 11:59 PM.

Show your support, and let your voice be heard in celebrating the best of Philippine showbiz.