Wednesday, July 24, 2024

LiFTED Asia Announces LiFTED 50 2023 Edition

LiFTED Asia Announces LiFTED 50 2023 Edition

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Asia’s leading pan-Asian Hip Hop Platform LiFTED released its second edition of the LiFTED 50 – a ranking of Asia’s top 50 rappers yesterday.

In partnership with Jägermeister, the LiFTED 50 covers the best new and established artists from across the region.

This year’s list includes many familiar faces moving up or down the list, plus 18 NEW ENTRIES and over 10 female MCs or crews, surpassing last year’s tally and a testament to the rising force of female rappers in Asia.

The 2023 edition of the LiFTED 50 has a strong showing from India, where Hip Hop has literally exploded in recent years, with new Rap stars being minted almost weekly through independent channels and frothy social media – to an eager national audience.

Naturally, South Korea plays a big role too with its hyper KPop to KHop market and established platforms like TV shows ‘Show Me the Money’ that create new stars each season. Also well represented are Thailand, Japan, The Philippines and China – with Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Mongolia and Cambodia all represented.

But who will be Number 1?

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