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KYLA and JAY R are preparing for their long-awaited comeback to the big stage!


KYLA and JAY R are preparing for their long-awaited comeback to the big stage!

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KYLA and JAY R, Filipino music aristocracy, are preparing for their eagerly awaited comeback to the big stage!

Back In Time: Kyla and Jay R The Reunion Concert will take place on September 2, 2023 (Saturday) at the New Frontier Theatre in Cubao, Quezon City, and will feature the Queen and King of Filipino R&B.

Kyla and Jay R are set to take fans on a musical trip that affected pop culture at large from the early 2000s to the present, as they celebrate 20 years of generation-spanning cooperation that paved the way for local R&B/soul/hip-hop to flourish in the mainstream music landscape in the Philippines.

“I’m excited to work with Kyla again,” acclaimed producer/singer-songwriter Jay R said. “Aside from the undeniable chemistry that we’ve developed through years of working together, this concert means a lot to me for sentimental reasons. There’s magic every time Kyla and I go on stage. We don’t perform just to impress, but also to lift each other up and bring out the best versions of ourselves.”

“Jay R and I have always been soulmates in music,” award-winning songstress Kyla explained. “I immediately said yes to this concert because this is my own little way of thanking our fans for being supportive of the creative partnership. We owe it big time to them for protecting this legacy of ours, and for ensuring that it will be preserved for the next generation to cherish.”

The highly anticipated Kyla x Jay R concert is presented and produced by GNN Pop, a subsidiary of the Manila-based events, PR, and multimedia outfit GNN Entertainment Productions. This serves as the local production’s debut offering for 2023, promising its audience of top-notch pop-leaning shows, concerts, and festivals. The event is also co-presented by Cornerstone Entertainment, one of the leading multimedia entertainment agencies in the Philippines.

Tickets go on sale on June 30 at 12 noon via Ticketnet Online. You may also contact Tel. (02) 8588 – 4000 loc. 4066 for more information.