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Katitikan Literary Journal’s new issue reimagines the pandemic Philippines

Katitikan Literary Journal’s new issue reimagines the pandemic Philippines

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Katitikan, an online literary journal of the Philippine South, released its third issue with the theme (Re)Imaginations last February 14, 2021. 

The literary journal features literary works of 21st century Filipino writers from different parts of the country in English, Filipino, Cebuano, and Waray languages.

“Almost a year has passed now since we started living this life in pandemic limbo,” said Sigrid Gayangos, Katitikan editor, in the journal’s introduction “What Comes Next”. 

Unprecedented is a word that has been thrown around, just as metaphors comparing the virus to a war waged by an invisible enemy have become ubiquitous,” said Gayangos.

“Through language, we are conditioned to think of militarism as positive and necessary in combating this crisis—unconsciously consenting to draconian security measures because they are done under the name of public health,” she added.

Some of the notable writers that contributed their literary works to this issue include Erika Carreon, R.B Abiva, Ben Aguilar, Mirick Paala, Hezron Pios, Cesar Miguel Escaño, and Reil Obinque.

This third issue of Katitikan: (Re) Imaginations contains 36 literary works from 26 Filipino writers and can be openly accessed here:

The call for submissions for its first special issue on LGBTQ will be this March 2021.

Katitikan’s previous releases include the maiden issue published last June 2019 and Places and Spaces published last February 2020.