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Joe Vince offers comfort & tranquility amidst the chaos with his latest single “Hilik”

Joe Vince offers comfort & tranquility amidst the chaos with his latest single “Hilik”

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As the old adage goes, “necessity is the mother of invention,” but in the case of rising singer/songwriter Joe Vince, music has always been such a driving force in his life, that it’s both evolution and re-invention that has kept him on his toes, and has him continually producing sure-fire singles that resonate with so many listeners who have a penchant for both honest lyricism and arresting melodies.

And he’s about to do it again this 2021, with his latest single “Hilik,” now available on all major digital music platforms and streaming services.

Melodically soaring and characteristically well-crafted and arranged, Joe Vince finds himself taking a different approach – in contrast to his previous R&B sensibilities – by leaning towards his strengths and talent for both delicate phrases and enchanting harmonies, and his current admiration for folk-sounding music.

 “I wanted to be focused on telling a story, as opposed to just producing a song that would highlight vocal melodies,” shared Joe Vince, as he admitted that the project was his way of breaking into new ground, after being inspired by local Filipino folk artists like Johnoy Danao and Noel Cabangon a few years back in 2017. “When I was writing the song, there was also an attempt to structure chords in a way that they alone could convey emotions, instead of having the vocals do that,” he added, acknowledging the departure from his trademark, falsetto-laden singles he released previously.

When asked about the lyrical inspiration for the song, Joe Vince – a native Cebuano – shared: “I wrote it for someone I met online, who I talked-to for hours, and really connected-with…”  he starts and continues: “she actually fell asleep… and I could hear her gently snoring on the other end of the line, and I felt it was because there was this overwhelming sense of comfort [we both felt] of not being alone…  it was such a strong feeling, that I wrote this song in six hours and gave it to her. It’s as raw and emotional as it was when I wrote it, and I didn’t change much when I formally recorded it, so I’m pretty happy with how it turned-out,” he finishes.


And now listeners can experience that same powerful connection and enjoy the soothing single, and hopefully, find it to be the perfect lullaby that’ll offer both comfort and a much-needed sense of peace. FIN