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Jesse McCartney Drops Alluring New Single “Faux Fur” and Teases Upcoming EP ‘All’s Well’

Jesse McCartney Drops Alluring New Single “Faux Fur” and Teases Upcoming EP ‘All’s Well’

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Photo Credit: Sam Damashek

No stranger to the world of pop, Jesse McCartney, the multi-talented singer-songwriter musician, who first came onto the scene as a teen heartthrob later becoming celebrated for his chart-topping hits and memorable roles on screen, unveils a seductive new single, “Faux Fur”.  The track effortlessly captures retro R&B groove and funk, layered with his soulful vocals. Listen here:

The forthcoming EP ‘All’s Well’ scheduled for release on 5th April, provides a sneak peek into its new identity through the lead single “Faux Fur”, one of two tracks co-produced by Andrew Dixon, skillfully capturing the evolved sound of the catalogue. Drawing inspiration from the nostalgic sounds of R&B, McCartney sings “Some things can’t buy, Your heart your time, Your hand in mine”, over the echoey whistles, choppy acoustic strums, deliciously wah’ed guitar, and luscious bass.

Recording this song was probably the most inspiring and exciting session I’ve ever done because we recorded with a live band. It doesn’t sound so revolutionary until you realize that this almost never happens anymore. We used a legendary studio in Los Angeles (Village Studios), and the musicians were top-notch superstars of the studio musician world, including Victor Andrizzo on Drums and Sean Hurley on Bass, who has played on dozens of top hit songs! A peak experience for me!” he said.

McCartney found a muse for his EP in an old Hall and Oates LP he acquired last year. The vinyl became a constant presence on his turntable, with its timeless appeal of classics that inspire and uplift. These aspects set off a chain of events that gave birth to his upcoming musical pieces.

Fans can anticipate the EP to include songs that range from super sexy and cheeky to romantic, and even a dive into navigating out of a dark mental and emotional state.

With over 2.4 Billion streams globally and almost 800 Million views on YouTube, Jesse McCartney is set to wow fans old and new with his upcoming record. Throughout his career, McCartney has built a strong fan base in Asia. His Top 10 Streaming Markets worldwide now include #2 Philippines 🇵🇭, #6 Indonesia 🇮🇩, #9 Malaysia 🇲🇾, and #11 Singapore 🇸🇬.