Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Jasmine Yen unveils her debut album ‘tbh’ which consists of 8 songs

Jasmine Yen unveils her debut album ‘tbh’ which consists of 8 songs

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19-year-old singer-songwriter, Jasmine Yen unveils her debut album ‘tbh‘ which consists of 8 songs, written in part or entirely by Jasmine. Among these songs, four are fully in English. The album release follows the announcement of her signing to RCA Records Greater China, a division of Sony Music Entertainment (SME) in late July, along with the release of her first single “idk”.

Jasmine’s debut album ‘tbh is a kaleidoscope of pop versatility. From the enthralling ballad “it’s not u it’s me”, to the sensual “tempo” to the upbeat dance numbers “idk” and “tbh”, her vocals effortlessly float over impeccable production and ear-wormy melodies. One of the crowning moments of the album is the English focus track “what the !”, an energetic, pop-punk-inspired song that is equal parts cheeky and witty.

“I’ve always considered myself a shy person, and at times, I do feel like it can be challenging to express myself with words. Since childhood, I’ve found music and songwriting to be my favourite method of self-expression. This album is my way of showcasing my confidence and highlights my coming-of-age journey of not being afraid to hold back on sharing my thoughts and emotions. There’s definitely a running theme of empowerment through this album. Since I was really young, I’ve always been drawn to ‘girl power’ anthems because I’ve consistently been surrounded by such strong, inspiring and independent women (my mom, my grandma, and my aunt).”
– Jasmine Yen
Jasmine Yen – “tbh” (Official Dance Video)

The bilingual focus track “tbh”  is accompanied by a dance video which could very well be considered an athletic feat. Just ask Jasmine who filmed non-stop for 10 hours with her crew of dancers. She shares, “I had an amazing dance crew in Shanghai, and we learned and practised the entire choreography together for two weeks leading up to the filming date. The whole process was unforgettable and I’ve learned so much. I’m so glad that everything worked out great and the video looks so effortless!”

Raised in Hong Kong, Jasmine began nurturing her talent at a young age, starting to compose when she was only seven years old. To date, she has written over 70 original songs, including 30 during the pandemic. Through her music, she hopes to inspire a generation of bold and confident girls.