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Israeli indie-folktronica artist VANNA drops new single ‘Friday Night’

Israeli indie-folktronica artist VANNA drops new single ‘Friday Night’

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Acclaimed singer-songwriter VANNA
has finally dropped the last single from her debut EP, High Hopes– arriving sometime in November.

Produced by Roy Avital of Tel Aviv-based indie electronic trio Garden City Movement, ‘Friday Night’ is a soothing downtempo
tune that is delicately built with layers of understated electronic soundscapes and atmospheric textures. It is the perfect song for turning off the lights in your room and immersing yourself in its irresistible sadness.

The brooding but captivating arrangements envelope VANNA’s poignant vocals, and culminate with a powerful and emotive instrumental drop.

The Israeli singer-songwriter shares the story behind the heartfelt lyrics: “After a rough breakup, I was literally always riding my bike at night, being super depressed. Once every week I would need to ride past my ex-girlfriend’s house. It took me 6 months before my heart wouldn’t start beating faster every time I passed by.”

VANNA’s debut EP High Hopes has been 3 years in the making, and is produced by Roy Avital of Tel Aviv based indie-electronic trio Garden City Movement and mastered by Matt Colton (James Blake, Muse, Coldplay). Delivering a delicate fusion of indie electronic, pop, and folk influenced by artists like RY X, Oscar and the Wolf, SYML and Sóley, the EP will be released in November 2020 via Singapore indie label Umami Records.

Listen to Friday Night via Umami Records: