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‘Himig Himbing: Mga Heleng Atin’: Philippine Indigenous Lullabies


‘Himig Himbing: Mga Heleng Atin’: Philippine Indigenous Lullabies

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The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) unveiled its second edition of “Himig Himbing” on November 5, 2023, marking a vibrant celebration of Philippine indigenous lullabies. Titled ‘Himig Himbing: Mga Heleng Natin,’ the event featured an engaging blend of online accessibility and an illustrated book capturing the rich tapestry of these traditional melodies. Children art sessions at the Tanghalang Ignacio B. Jimenez kicked off the day, setting the stage for an afternoon filled with insightful talks by the lullaby curation team, a captivating video and music concert, and an energetic rendition of the lullabies in the outdoor yard.

CCP President Michelle Nikki Junia

CCP President Michelle Nikki Junia, a music educator-artist, graced the event, infusing it with warmth and personal anecdotes. The diverse panel of speakers, including a cultural government officer, music teacher, child doctor, children’s illustrator, and breastfeeding advocate, added smiles and charm to the occasion. The exhibit’s illustrations, characterized by cute and detailed depictions of Filipino lifestyles, resonated with the audience, complemented by sweet Filipino delicacies served during the event.

The video and music concert, featuring unexpected upbeat renditions of lullabies, brought a lively twist to the traditional notion of these soothing songs. National artists, including Ricky Lee and Ryan Cayabyab, added prestige to the event. The cultural immersion continued with conversations among attendees over Filipino snacks, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

While the concert departed from the expected lullaby ambiance, it provided an immediate appreciation of the showcased songs. The event’s inclusive nature, accommodating students with special conditions, demonstrated thoughtfulness and garnered audience appreciation. The night concluded with an acknowledgment of the challenges some may face in connecting with the family-themed content, highlighting the importance of understanding individual perspectives.

Despite personal struggles with the family theme, the event left a commendable impact, emphasizing the need to separate personal history from theme content appreciation. The rare opportunity to engage in such culturally enriching events, especially for those from culturally-marginalized backgrounds, was underscored. As the event unfolded in the heart of Manila City, accessible by a 20-minute train ride and a short walk, attendees reflected on the significance of cultural events in fostering social connections and preserving heritage.

In conclusion, heartfelt kudos were extended to the artists and organizers who orchestrated a memorable and culturally significant experience. The accessibility of CCP, despite ongoing renovations impacting public transportation, highlighted the venue’s centrality in promoting cultural appreciation and engagement.

Written: Abigail Ko
Photos: AXL Powerhouse Network

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