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Gaming 101: Everything You Need To Know In Building Your First Gaming PC


Gaming 101: Everything You Need To Know In Building Your First Gaming PC


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In today’s world, it seems that everyone is building their own game or study setup, maybe since everything is done online. Hence, the demand for building a comfortable place to play games or to work is not surprising. However, not all comfortability comes for free, this is a pricey hobby. But nothing beats spending your money on the right products.

So before you buy things for your gaming set up, make sure you need them and get your money’s worth.

1. Gaming laptop/ PC
If you do not yet have a laptop or a PC for your setup, then you might want to know that when choosing your laptop, make sure to check all these things:battery, display, CPU and GPU, memory and storage, and ports. These 6 things mentioned are the things you should be asking questions about when choosing a gaming laptop, especially if it is for gaming.

  • Battery: To some people, this doesn’t matter because it is common for gaming laptops to consume more energy. They are made to carry out tasks and provide better performance. But, if you are looking for that long-lasting battery life, look for a laptop that can at least run for 9 hours.
  • Display: Depending on your budget, the size of your screen is how wide your viewing experience is. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how wide the screen you prefer, because you will be focusing on the resolution of the screen and not the size. You might want to get a gaming laptop that has a 1920 x 1080 resolution. So far, this is the standard resolution that you might see on the market. You do not want to get a gaming laptop that is less than 1080p. A 1920 x 1080 resolution is what we call HD, so getting a lower resolution than that affects the refresh rate of your gaming means that you might not be able to have a smooth gaming experience.
  • CPU: When choosing your laptop, always check for its Central Processing Unit because, unlike RAM, CPUs are not upgradable on laptops, so you have to choose your processors carefully. The CPU acts like the brain of the laptop, just like the normal human brain. Whatever the CPU is programmed to do, it sends to the whole device. Some will recommend you get at least an Intel core i7, but if you are on a budget, the Intel core i5 works well too.
  • GPU: The graphics processing unit is responsible for the good quality of images. This is also not only used for gaming but is also used for machine learning, as well as video and photo editing. This is important in gaming because a good quality GPU allows you to have the best gaming experience. Hence, when buying a gaming laptop, make sure to look for laptops that have an Nvidia GeForce GTX or RTX sticker attached to them, and ask if it is a GTX 1650. If you want a bit of a higher setting, you can look for an RTX 3060 or 3070.
  • Storage: This is sometimes overlooked by people, but it is also important. But make sure if you are buying one, see to it that it is not less than 1 TB, you can still upgrade this, 1 TB is just the standard size for most gaming laptops. Check the HDD and SSD, which are responsible for the loading time when starting the game. This is usually highly regarded, especially in gaming. The HDD is responsible for storing files, media, and applications.

2. Gaming mouse
Some people take their gaming mouse to the highest level. But you only need to check for a few things if you are new to it. There is a wireless and a wired gaming mouse. Both are still equipped for gaming. But if you want to choose wireless, the response time might not be as real-time as wired. Although they are wireless, depending on your play style, grip, and the weight of the mouse.

This is also sometimes overlooked, but you have to consider the length of your hands. The size of your mouse will affect your grip in gaming, therefore affecting your performance in-game.

3. Gaming keyboard
When choosing your mechanical keyboard, be sure to know which switch your keyboard has. Because mechanical keyboards have different switches, each caters to the different preferences of the user. Linear and tactile switches are usually the common choices of gamers, linear switches have a lighter and softer feel so when in gaming your fingers are less likely to be tired. Tactile switches have a heavier feel, and each press makes a distinct sound, so this signals you that the key is unmistakably registered

4. Extended mouse pad
It is common knowledge for gaming enthusiasts that an extended mouse pad is needed, especially when you are playing an FPS game. Those games require more space for your mouse to move. But, not all games meet this requirement. Depending on your mouse’s DPI (Dots per inch) or its sensitivity, it will identify if you need an extended mouse pad.

If you prefer playing with a high-setting DPI, then a large gaming mousepad will work just fine. Keep in mind that a high DPI means increased sensitivity, which equals fewer mouse movements but less control and accuracy. Low DPI equals less sensitivity and increased mouse movements, but better control.

5. Microphone
When choosing your microphone, you have to consider the size and area of your gaming setup. Does sound bounce through the walls when you talk? Is your desk large enough to accommodate your desk accessories? All of these should be considered when buying a microphone.

If you have a smaller desk, consider purchasing a small microphone that can connect to the USB port of your laptop. There are three types of microphones, and each has a different function. If your voice easily bounces in every direction of the room, look for a mic with a cardioid polar pattern. They can pick up sound only from the front, therefore maximizing your voice sound quality.

Omnidirectional is different because this mic captures audio in every direction of the area. Bidirectional captures audio from the back and front, perfect for interviews but not gaming. Stereos are typically used for ASMR, but this is also used for filming outdoors, capturing the aura of the environment.

6. Accessories
Lastly, these set-up accessories are not important to the performance of your gaming but more to the maintenance of your equipment. Here are the things you should consider buying:

  • A key puller is used to remove keycaps from your mechanical keyboard to clean them.
  • A silicon cover is used to prevent dust from getting into your laptop’s keyboard.
  • A fan brush is used to dust off any dust attached to the back of your laptop fan. It is also used for cleaning mechanical keyboards.
  •  Since laptops only have a certain number of USB ports, it is necessary to use a USB extension port to expand the available space for other devices.
  •  A laptop cooling pad or stand is used to elevate your laptop to match your posture as well as help the laptop not overheat.

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