Sunday, June 16, 2024

G-FORCE PROJECT Embraces The Future With #MovingForwardWithAI

G-FORCE PROJECT Embraces The Future With #MovingForwardWithAI

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Do you know that Artificial Intelligence is the buzzword? As technology continues to advance, several organizations have considered Al.

Will that be the “next normal”? As movers, can we adapt to the Al world? Are we ready to co-exist???

G-Force has these questions as they return with their Biggest and Grandest Summer Dance Workshop this June and July using the hashtag #MovingForwardWithAl. The G-Force Project gathers all of its classes for a culminating future ready dance performance to be held at The Theater at Solaire on July 7 and 28.

“We know that Al is a game changer,” G-Force artistic director Georcelle Dapat-Sy said. “As performers, where do we position ourselves? How do we co-exist with Al? How will it help and at the same time affect us?”

The G-Force Project welcomes all ages with classes for kids, teens, and adults ranging from Hip-hop, Dancehall, Sexy Class, Contemporary, K-Pop and OPM. Not only do students get to share their love of dance but meet new friends, build confidence, and enjoy themselves.

The students are in good hands as G-Force’s Celebrity Choreographers will teach them more than just dance, honing the next aspiring performers and creating a new breed of the G-generational – force.

“G-Force is more than just dance!!! It’s about character building and self-discovery. You come to our classes looking for that sense of belonging and come out having that sense of becoming.”

G-Force Project has taught students the importance of discipline, teamwork, camaraderie, grit and resilience. Some of the students actually return to the open classes G-Force conducts at their dance centers in Quezon City, Alabang, and BGC branches. Getting to class won’t be a hassle!

There is so much in store for G-Force and its partners that it is a must to connect with them! The future is definitely bright this June and July! To enroll in G-Force Project 2024, visit this link