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Four-Year-Old Filipina Gets Recognition In The Bangkok Taekwondo Championship


Four-Year-Old Filipina Gets Recognition In The Bangkok Taekwondo Championship


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Little champion on its way, Winter Scarlet Conag earns a silver medal in Bangkok’s KPNP Taekwondo International Championship held this November.

Winter fought under the Dragon International School RETA Team in the Kyorugi or free-form fight (sparring) division for ages three to four years old in Class C, wherein sparring matches were between white belters and yellow belters.

During the first match, Winter won against Alice Kammanee of Borwonpun School, Thailand, but fell short during the second match against Pasnicha Borinboonsub of Thailand.

Winning silver in her first international competition is extraordinary; her exceptional feat can, no doubt, land her gold in the next games.

Having her father as a motivational coach, former taekwondo athlete Richman Conag, who won gold in the 1st Tirak & K.D.M. Taekwondo International Championship 2023, is a great bonus to learning more offense and defense strategies.

Aside from coaching, Conag and his wife always showed fatherly support and affection towards his daughter, whether in her studies or extracurricular activities.

Their family from time to time shares snippets of their daily lives and Winter’s achievements on their official blog page on Facebook, giving positive vibes to their viewers.

Winter has started her sports career strong; her bubbly personality and supportive parents are what inspire children to do their best and be the pride of the family.

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