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Filipina Pool Player Chezka Centeno Gets Women’s World 10-Ball Champion Title


Filipina Pool Player Chezka Centeno Gets Women’s World 10-Ball Champion Title


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Fulfilling her dream of having a championship title and raising the Philippine flag in an international competition, Filipina pool player Chezka Centeno made a name during a recent competition in Austria.

On October 23, the Philippines rejoiced after Centeno successfully defeated China’s representative Han Yu with a score of 9-5 during the WPA World 10-Ball Women’s Championship.

During the competition, the Filipina athlete was undefeated, starting from the qualifying stage up to their final face-off with China.

Considering her recent win, Centeno reminisced about her childhood dream of becoming known for the said sport, noting that she already had experience playing billiards back then. “It’s a surreal moment that brings back memories of countless hours of hard work, tears, and disappointments. They are all worth it,” she said.

In this win, the Filipina athlete expressed her gratitude to her supporters, family, and friends for staying by her side and pushing her to do her best during the competition.

“To all of my family, my unwavering supporters from day one, Mommy and Daddy Fausto Centeno, this one’s for you. To my friends, teammates, and supporters, your unending support has been my backbone. And to my amazing partner, you’ve been my rock through thick and thin,” Centeno said.

The Filipina pool player also dedicated her win to the Philippines and citizens of Zamboanga, as Centeno also used this as inspiration to clinch the championship title.

“This victory is a shared triumph. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ll always be proud to represent my hometown, Zamboanga City, and, of course, my beloved country, the Philippines,” she said.

Centeno started to participate in such competitions at the age of 11, wherein she claimed the third sport for the Philippine National Games. This accomplishment was followed by other recognitions, as she also won the 2016 Amway Cup Champion, the 2015 World Games Women’s 9-Ball Singles Gold, the 2015 Southeast Asia Games Women’s 9-Ball Singles Gold, and was hailed as the youngest winner of the Amway Cup.

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