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Felip releases 7sins album, to hold concert on Jul 27, 2024

Felip releases 7sins album, to hold concert on Jul 27, 2024

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Felip pushes his artistry with his newest album, 7sins. 7sins, while not religion-centric, is a journey of acknowledging human shortcomings. The album will take you on a journey of honesty and acceptance about unsaid feelings and emotions, to embracing one’s true self.


Felip releases 7sins the album on July 5, 2024. The album is composed of nine (9) songs, with “envy” as the title/focus track. With the release of the album on streaming platforms, the album will also be released on Felip’s Youtube channel. The other songs represent the other sins such as wrath, greed, and pride, and the album ends with a track called “ache,” which is about redemption and acknowledgement. 7sins is a genre-bending album with songs that show the different sides and stories of Felip.


Despite being busy with SB19 engagements, shoots, and projects, Felip persevered and took a hands-on approach in the writing, creating and producing his album. The album took 7 months of work to write, record, and mix, with late night sessions with Luke April of PLAYERTWO and Isagani Palabyab.


The album also features collaborations with artists like Belgian-Filipino Cyra Gwynth, whom Felip looks up to as an artist. He and his producer felt it was an interesting and good blend to create a song or two together. Cyra Gwynth wrote “greed”, an emotional song about loving the wrong person that will surely resonate with a lot of listeners, she also co-wrote and features in the song, “lust.” We also get another collaboration with fellow Warner Music Philippines artist, PLAYERTWO, for the song “gluttony,” who Felip had previously collaborated with for the songs “FLYYY” and “Pagdali.

The album release will lead up to Felip’s solo concert, 7sins the Album Concert on July 27, 2024. The concert will be held at the Space at OneAyala and thousands of fans are expected to attend. As Felip took creative control of the 7sins narrative, the fans will see and feel a lot of his influence, style, and artistry in the album as well as during the concert.


Superior Pass tickets, valued at P10,000 each, were sold out within 2 minutes of the ticket selling last June 24, 2024. Each Superior Pass ticket comes with priority entry, stage tour, and post-show send off along with 7sins exclusive merch and freebies. Last few Gen Ad tickets are still available at and are expected to be sold out before the concert.