Monday, February 26, 2024

EXILE TRIBE’s PSYCHIC FEVER Drops “99.9 Psychic Radio” EP Following December Success


EXILE TRIBE’s PSYCHIC FEVER Drops “99.9 Psychic Radio” EP Following December Success

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In the wake of their successful December ventures, including the chart-topping single ‘SPICE’ and stellar performances across Thailand and Vietnam, EXILE TRIBE proudly unveils their latest digital EP, “99.9 Psychic Radio,” featuring the sensational track PSYCHIC FEVER. This EP is now accessible on all major digital streaming platforms.

The EP’s production marks a pivotal moment for PSYCHIC FEVER, collaborating with Japan’s eminent rapper JP THE WAVY and other noteworthy producers. With a thematic focus on an imaginary LA-based radio station, “99.9 Psychic Radio” embodies the nostalgic spirit of Hip-Hop, disseminating its influence through mixtapes and radio broadcasts.

Key Tracks:

  1. “Temperature” – A soulful, ‘Hotline’-style love song infused with urban beats, Jersey drills, and stylish R&B chords. The accompanying Choreography video on YouTube has generated significant anticipation.
  2. “Just like dat (feat. JP THE WAVY)” – The lead track encapsulates the iconic 2000s Hip Hop essence, narrating a tale of romantic pursuit. JP THE WAVY’s distinctive flow enhances the track, complemented by choreography crafted by KAITA, KAZ the FIRE, and PSYCHIC FEVER’s own Ryushin Handa. View the video here
  3. “Psyfe Cyper” – A freestyle radio-style cypher rap featuring TSURUGI, Ryoga Nakanishi, JIMMY, and Ryushin Handa.
  4. “Rocket (Take You Higher)” – A poignant long-distance love song passionately voiced by Ren Watanabe, Kokoro Kohatsu, and WEESA.

The cover artwork, envisioned by DOPE, showcases PSYCHIC FEVER members in “Y2K” fashion, reminiscent of a 2000s US Hip-Hop magazine cover.

Live Performances: Following their debut at the Hozo Music Festival in Ho Chi Minh City, PSYCHIC FEVER hosted their inaugural solo performance and fan meet in Thailand on December 24, 2023, followed by a vibrant presence at Central World’s Year End Countdown to 2024 on December 31.

Sonically, “99.9 Psychic Radio” promises a fusion of beats tailored for festival performances and stylish grooves for both listening and dancing. PSYCHIC FEVER’s rap skills take center stage, showcasing evolved lyrics and delivery under the guidance of JP THE WAVY.