Friday, June 14, 2024

Embarking on a Magical Odyssey: IVAN the Selfie Magician’s Unforgettable ‘Magic of Love’ Concert

Embarking on a Magical Odyssey: IVAN the Selfie Magician’s Unforgettable ‘Magic of Love’ Concert

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Dive into the enchanting realm of magic and illusion as international stage magician IVAN the Selfie Magician captivates the heart of Makati City in his extraordinary concert, ‘Magic of Love.’ This sold-out extravaganza unfolded with a magical evening last Friday, leaving the audience spellbound.

IVAN made a grand entrance, clad in a bespoke three-piece suit designed by Ryan Chris, holding a flaming torch that illuminated the stage in complete darkness. The show kicked off with a breathtaking act, as he conjured an eight-foot-long luxury ivory Burmese python from thin air, leaving the audience in awe.

The magician continued to push the boundaries of imagination, presenting a jaw-dropping sawing-in-half illusion with a hypnotized woman, who later reappeared unharmed. Adding a touch of humor, IVAN engaged the racially and age-diverse audience, delivering spiels and jokes that had the jam-packed venue in stitches.

Not content with merely stunning the audience, IVAN generously shared the stage with eager participants, involving them in his magic acts. From catching doves out of nowhere to participating in his signature mentalism act, the audience became an integral part of the enchanting spectacle.

The highlight of the show was undoubtedly the crystal balls act, where IVAN defied gravity by making seven crystal balls float in the air. A true innovator, he pioneered this act in the Philippines, showcasing exceptional illusion skills that garnered impressed wows from the full house.

The literal breath-taking finale featured IVAN showcasing his freediving skills. Locked in an acrylic box filled with water, chained up, and armed with only a lungful of air, he amazed the audience by escaping unscathed within a mere 10 seconds. The magician’s Wave 1 Molchanovs certification added an extra layer of intrigue to this daring feat.

Behind the scenes, IVAN’s dedication to perfection was evident. Spending three sleepless months curating the show, he collaborated with actor CJ Barinaga for direction and magician Leodini Domapias as a script consultant. Multi-awarded lighting director Gabo Tolentino contributed to the magic with an amazing light design.

Stage actors Ash Nicanor and Liway Perez, along with male assistants Jhuztine Aquino, Scott Dalumpines, and Nash Delfino, added to the magic of the production. With 19 years of magic and illusion experience, IVAN shows no signs of slowing down. He plans to regularly perform in Singapore, extending his magical empire overseas, and teases a Philippines-inspired 20th-anniversary show in 2025.