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Ely Buendia’s Philippine indie label celebrates a new milestone by presenting ten of the most interesting rookies in the local music scene

Ely Buendia’s Philippine indie label celebrates a new milestone by presenting ten of the most interesting rookies in the local music scene

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Offshore Music, a Manila-based independent label known for its cutting-edge artistry and focus on creative integrity, has officially launched its newest batch of homegrown music acts for 2023.

The indie record label recently introduced an exciting mix of solo artists, singer-songwriters, and college rock bands who are poised to leave a mark in the music industry with their immense talent and unique vision. 

The launch, which was presented by Offshore Music with support from Sony Music Entertainment and The New Hue, took place at the Astbury in Makati City on Thursday, October 12, 2023. 

Aside from the usual Q&A and networking sessions with media and industry professionals, the newcomers were presented and given a minute each to introduce themselves. The newly signed acts under Offshore Music include city pop outfit ALYSON, Baguio City-based indie rock band Amateurish, rising alternative rock sensations Her Name Is Noelle and Ligaya Escueta, bedroom pop soloist neytan, alt-R&B adventurists JDRX and CRISHA, funk/pop/groove band Mt. Lewis, folk/indie artist Breē, and psych pop troubadour Elton Clark.

In making the announcement, Offshore Music CEO Ely Buendia said, “I really don’t know what to expect, and that’s what’s great about it. By choosing Offshore Music, these artists have proven that they value artistic growth over anything else.”

Buendia also emphasized the label’s guiding force since day one: “Artists for Artists.” Over the years, he took pride in how Offshore Music remained consistent in championing a generation of talented, young musicians who continue to push the boundaries of music on creative terms. 

“The team’s real-world experiences are invaluable to the artists careers, making their growth, authenticity, and creativity the number one priority,” the Filipino rock legend adds.

To date, Offshore Music lives up to its legacy as one of the most important indie record labels in the country, providing home to carefully handpicked artists and bands such as Apartel, ena mori, Pinkmen, Sulo, Sansette, and Eliza Marie.

One of their newly signed acts, Elton Clark kicks off the release spree with “Wait Lang,” his debut single under Offshore Music and Sony Music Entertainment. A timely song that addresses the struggles of everyday life in the city, “Wait Lang” finds comfort in taking periodic pauses and embracing moments of rest. Speaking about his debut single, Elton Clark shares, “I wanted ‘Wait Lang’ to be a reminder to my listeners that no matter how hectic life gets, it’s crucial to take a moment to breathe. This song is about acknowledging the challenges we face and understanding that it’s okay to pause and recharge.”

Upcoming new releases:

Oct 13 – Elton Clark, “Wait Lang”

Oct 20 – Breē, “Sweet”

Oct 27 – Ligaya, “Novelty” / Jr Oca Experience, “Ask”

Nov 3 – JDRX, “Stay”

Nov 10 – Her Name Is Noelle, “Twenty Something” /  Pinkmen, “Miscom”

Nov 17 – CRISHA, Real / neytan, +1 single