Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Clara Benin’s new song “small town” discovers beauty in unlearning individuals and places

Clara Benin’s new song “small town” discovers beauty in unlearning individuals and places

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Clara Benin, a Filipino singer-songwriter, has released a song about leaving the past behind and embracing the newness that comes with it.

On her new song “small town,” the Parallel Universe artist continues her path of acknowledging that the world is changing and that unlearning people and places may be an enriching means of taking control of one’s life and destiny.

small town was inspired by my high school experience living in the province, where it was inevitable to bump into someone you know when you’re out in public,” Benin reveals. “It’s a post-breakup song about trying to find yourself again and struggling because everything around you reminds you of your ex.”

While the exquisitely moving track comes from a place of familiarity, Benin mentions that “small town” is inspired by her growing fascination with coming-of-age films of the early 2000s. The pensive pop-rock lullaby is written by Clara Benin herself and Gabba Santiago and produced by Sam Marquez and Tim Marquez of One Click Straight.

The OFFMUTE muse reveals, “I really enjoyed working on this song, because it felt like reliving my teenage years, when I felt so lost and angsty all the time. It’s nice to look back on those years now that I’m older and write about all my experiences then.”

“small town” serves as Clara Benin’s last single before she releases her first studio album in eight years. According to Benin, the up-and-coming record reflects her growth as a singer-songwriter whose work displays vulnerability and versatility in equal measure.

Clara Benin’s “small town” is out now on all digital music platforms via OFFMUTE. Watch the music video here.