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Child’s Rescued Dog Wins The ‘Canine Companion’ Award During The Animal Welfare Week


Child’s Rescued Dog Wins The ‘Canine Companion’ Award During The Animal Welfare Week


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From being a stray dog to getting an award at a local animal competition, a rescued dog captured the hearts of many, showing its strong bond with its 13-year-old owner.

On October 7, Kent Tumambing, a child from Iloilo, joined his first Iloilo City Run-for-Fun during Animal Welfare Week 2023 with his rescued dog, whom he named ‘Ganers.’

During the competition, Ganers won the ‘Canine Companion’ award for being the support system for Kent, which was visible to them even right before the competition started.

According to his relatives, Kent found Ganers when he was still a puppy while roaming around the streets. The kid rescued the puppy after witnessing the cruelty of a group of kids placing Ganers on plywood and leaving him in the sea with big waves.
Having a soft heart for animals, Kent jumped into the sea to save the puppy and brought him home for shelter.

As stated by his aunt, Kent and Ganers are inseparable after their rescue moment, as he treats the puppy as his younger brother, whom he will love and take care of despite any challenges.

“Kent has always been a true animal enthusiast, a passion evident since he was just a one-year-old toddler. Today, he cares for doves, dogs, and chickens on their family’s farm,” Kent’s aunt Luisa Tumambing said.

During the fun run, netizens were fond of their bond together, as the local veterinarian also commended their love for each other, saying that Kent has become an inspiration for many in giving a stray puppy a chance to live comfortably.

“His love for animals is exemplary, and his act of saving and adopting a stray puppy is noble and inspiring,” Iloilo City veterinarian Dr. Fernando Abulencia said.

This notable act from Kent is a perfect example that should inspire others, as all animals, whether a breed or even a stray, deserve equal love from humans, care, and proper shelter.

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