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Celebrating Filipino Hospitality: The Mabuhay Philippines Tour’s Resounding Success Across Europe

Celebrating Filipino Hospitality: The Mabuhay Philippines Tour’s Resounding Success Across Europe

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In the recent Mabuhay Philippines tour by The Nightingales, a soprano duo, organized under the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Cultural Exchange Department’s program, enthusiastic Filipinos in Europe played a pivotal role in supporting and coordinating performances and workshops for Filipino migrants. The tour covered the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Italy from October 20 to November 5, 2023.

Each community visited by the Mabuhay Philippines program saw dedicated Filipino organizers managing venues, technical aspects, lodging, meals, and transportation for the touring party. Despite the challenges, the hosts demonstrated patience, energy, and perseverance, ensuring the success of the performances and workshops.

In Gouda, South Holland, the Filipino Catholic Community (FCC), led by Amor Van Os, actively engaged Filipinos and extended services, showcasing the essence of Filipino traditions. FCC members like Lovella, Lea Saga-Van Rhijin, and Elpie Gutierez warmly hosted the touring party, reflecting genuine Filipino hospitality.

The journey continued to Germany, where hosts Stephanie Mae Dorp, Papi, and others provided a warm welcome in Bonn and Cologne. The Nightingales’ performances, workshops, and live streams garnered significant viewership, reaching a global audience through platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

In Spain, the team experienced the generosity of Fr. Lino Castro and the Filipino community in Barcelona, with well-attended concerts and workshops. The final stop in Italy allowed the team to connect with potential collaborators in Florence, emphasizing the commonalities and kindness shared between Filipinos and Italians.

The Filipino hosts and organizers in each country were lauded for their admirable traits, and the team expressed gratitude in different languages – Bedankt, Danke, Gracias, Grazie, Maraming Salamat! The tour showcased the resilience, hard work, adaptability, generosity, and creativity of Filipinos worldwide, affirming their avid support for Philippine arts and culture.

In every corner of the world, kababayans not only contribute significantly to the global community but also passionately support cultural exchanges under the CCP Cultural Exchange’s Mabuhay Philippines program. This fosters anticipation for more enriching cultural experiences in the future.