Friday, June 14, 2024

BMSG Inc. Embarks on a Trailblazing 2024: Reflecting on Achievements and Unveiling Ambitious Plans

BMSG Inc. Embarks on a Trailblazing 2024: Reflecting on Achievements and Unveiling Ambitious Plans

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As the world embraces the new year, join BMSG Inc., a leading force in Japan’s music and entertainment industry, as they reflect on a triumphant 2023 and reveal their thrilling vision for the future of Japanese music in 2024.

Expanded Artist Roster and Ambitious Projects

Discover the growth of BMSG’s artist family, now boasting an impressive 23 members. In 2023, the company welcomed exceptional talents MAZZEL and REIKO, marking a milestone in their commitment to nurturing diverse and groundbreaking artists.

Watch BMSG’s Year-End Video Message

Experience the gratitude and wishes for the new year from each BMSG artist, including SKY-HI, Novel Core, BE:FIRST, and more. Dive into the collaborative video message celebrating the achievements of 2023: Watch BMSG’s video message here.

Insights from CEO SKY-HI on 2024 and Beyond

Renowned rapper and BMSG CEO, SKY-HI, shares insights into the company’s direction for 2024. Learn about the success of ‘D.U.N.K.’ events and the company’s commitment to expanding its global presence, with a focus on international collaborations rooted in mutual respect and shared values.

SKY-HI’s Vision for Individual Style and Collaboration

SKY-HI emphasizes the power of individual style and effective collaboration in the Japanese entertainment industry. Discover his aspirations for 2024, addressing challenges, prioritizing mental well-being, and proving the unique strength of individuality.

BMSG’s Commitment to Elevate the Global Music Experience

As BMSG steps into 2024 with enthusiasm and determination, anticipate groundbreaking contributions to the global stage. With a commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, fostering innovation, and connecting with audiences worldwide, BMSG promises an exhilarating year that will redefine Japan’s music and entertainment landscape.

Join BMSG on this exciting journey into 2024—a year set to elevate the global music experience and showcase the collective uniqueness of ‘The One.’