Friday, June 14, 2024

Benjamin Kheng has released his highly-anticipated first single from ‘GLOOMY BOOGIE Vol. 2’

Benjamin Kheng has released his highly-anticipated first single from ‘GLOOMY BOOGIE Vol. 2’

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Benjamin Kheng & Keenan Te – Photo Credits Barnabas Chua
Multi-talented Singaporean singer Benjamin Kheng has released his highly-anticipated first single from ‘GLOOMY BOOGIE Vol. 2’“Shared Trauma,” featuring Australian artist Keenan Te. Listen here:

“Shared Trauma” is the first single of ‘GLOOMY BOOGIE Vol. 2’, the final part of Benjamin Kheng’s two-part album. The first part, Vol. 1, was unveiled earlier this year in August.

The song was written by both Benjamin Kheng and Keenan Te, and produced by Los Angeles-based rising producer, Rence. The mixing and mastering was done by two-time Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum engineer from New York City, Joe Grasso.

Accompanying the release of “Shared Trauma” is a music video directed by frequent collaborator Barnabas Chua of Murk & Marrows. The video features both Benjamin and Keenan in a retro living room set. The video maintains a cheeky and playful tone despite the song’s heavier subject matter, keeping with the paradoxical “gloomy boogie” theme of the upcoming album.

Benjamin Kheng – “Shared Trauma ft. Keenan Te” (Official Music Video)
The inspiration behind “Shared Trauma” comes from the strong emotional bonding between individuals who have experienced similar trauma.

“I’m no licensed therapist, but as someone who started a relationship with good ol’ trauma bonding, I’d say please don’t do that. It’s much better as a song, though. That’s what ‘Shared Trauma’ is about – there’s something poetic about the feeling of mutual sinking and the polarity of finding new love through old wounds, which was fun to play up in the lyrics, as well as the music arrangement around a darker subject matter,” shares Benjamin.

Keenan Te, a versatile singer-songwriter from Australia and a friend of Benjamin’s, shares his enthusiasm for the project: “Absolutely love working with Ben, not only is he a good friend but a great artist which makes working together so easy! The song is super fun and I am so proud of it.”

“Initial song drafts were straight-up ballads, but I wanted to mess it up with a messy bass line, which gave the song new life. Keenan was the perfect co-pilot for this, from writing all the way to having him on the track. His pocket of infectious melodies is unmatched, and he’s such a giving performer and amazing human being,” shares Benjamin on working with Keenan.